Readers Insist – Manhattan Is Underwater

I have been getting flooded with comment spam from people insisting that Manhattan is underwater, and that Hansen was correct.

This is surprising, because a few weeks ago alarmists were insisting that Hansen never said that.

The new normal is that Hansen did predict Manhattan would be underwater by now, and it is underwater. Imagine the shock of 40,000 marathon runners this weekend when they discover that the New York Marathon is now a swimming event.


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7 Responses to Readers Insist – Manhattan Is Underwater

  1. eqibno says:

    They could even turn it into a Triathlon by adding stationary-bike electricity generator peddling to provide power to the unenlightened…

  2. miked1947 says:

    And the New York stock exchange was flooded with three foot of water on the trading floor. That required trading to be suspended for six weeks so the could clean out the water. 😉

  3. tckev says:

    I did say

    “The next meme for the warmists will be ‘get used to the seawater flooding as this will be the new normal.'”

  4. kirkmyers says:

    Even if all of Manhattan had flooded, it would have had nothing to do with alleged CO2-induced rises in sea levels, another data-challenged theory advanced by the man-is-warming-the-earth Luddites.

    Sandy produced hurricane-force gusts along sections of the New Jersey and New York coast and came ashore at high tide during a full moon. Of course, the lower parts of Manhattan flooded.

    Blaming “climate change” for the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy is the height of stupidity. The U.S. hasn’t been hit by a major hurricane since 2005, a record that is steadfastly ignored by AGW alarmists and their presstitute allies in the mainstream media.

  5. Me says:

    Yup, them moron never fail to be amazing, Hansen said it but when his prediction err projection didn’t show itself, it was then he didn’t say it and was missquoted, and now he said it again! They can’t make up their minds. 😆 Time for another team™ huddle err something!

  6. I know these people are as dumb as dog shit but I refuse to believe they can actually be that stupid, sorry.

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