Romney To Reintroduce Slavery : Obama To Pay Your Mortgage

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11 Responses to Romney To Reintroduce Slavery : Obama To Pay Your Mortgage

  1. johnmcguire says:

    What can you expect from the product of four or more generations of welfare receipience ? I recall it was democrats who stole and brought to this country a race of uneducated non christian people in order to exploit their labor through slavery . Now many of them have pulled themselves up and become fine upstanding citizens and many of them have not . If you want to trace the problems of America to their root cause you will find the fault at the creation of the federal reserve ( it aint federal and there is no reserve ) and the banking industry . This outragous inflation and huge rise in land prices forces so many people into economic slavery and subsitence living with no hope of owning land of their own . This in turn brings about the communistic atitude of the government owes me a living . Off topic , my wife and I just returned from elk hunting and we didn’t get an elk but we each killed another mountain lion 🙂 .

    • Lance says:

      good man….was out hunting several years back, and did a fairly large circle chasing deer, came back to my starting point to head back to the truck and found cat tracks following mine ….so followed them for a long ways…and then gave up…it was definitely following my tracks…made me wonder how close it got to me or if it did catch up, but it was not the best of feelings…

  2. It seems no one can actually admit that the person in the mirror is why we are where we are. We have to blame the Federal Reserve, Obama, politics, etc, etc, etc. The sense of entitlement is the fault of society in general. Over half the country voted for Obama and handouts. Not because of Wall Street, evil bankers, rich people, or whatever boogeyman you are selling. We the people voted the leaders in and kept them there. So We the People are to blame.

  3. Actually, I just thought I was agreeing with the founders of this country.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I wonder how the country survived for almost two centuries without needing to run these huge deficits. In 1975, the national debt was $500 million. In 1981 it was a trillion. Now it is $16 trillion. Where did we go off the track? Is it too late to ever get it back on track?

  5. Bob Hunt says:

    one secret to the national debt is to sack the bankers backing it! BOB down under

  6. Bob Hunt says:

    Talking about Sandy, reminds me about one that hit south australia in 1953 (be 4 you were born) The winds then were 85 mph for a week, much damage. But the year after there was an earthquake which rattled the place at level 5-6. Nothing since to speak of. What does that tell you about human caused global warming ?

  7. The solution to the debt is to stop electing spineless people who hand out money and services so people will like them. There is no other solution.

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