Sandy May Be The Biggest Disaster In US History

Sandy reversed Obama’s free fall in the polls, and may well get him re-elected.

This would define the twin Candy/Sandy disasters as being the largest in US history.

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4 Responses to Sandy May Be The Biggest Disaster In US History

  1. What polls show this?

  2. philjourdan says:

    I disagree. As with any crises there is an initial period of solidarity. However, the fools up in the north are making sure all sympathy is rapidly lost.

  3. It should be clear by now that the polling has been consistently misleading, in favor of Obama, this year — they are in that way, as in so many other ways, hyping evey gambit, no matter how forlorn, seeking only to make Romney supporters lose heart — I won’t even bother trying to parse how much has been due to incompetence, and how much to fraud. I think Dick Morris is right, and Romney will win by 5 to 10% (personally, I think closer to 10, maybe as much as 12%, among those who choose between Romney and Obama in their vote) — unless the vote is tampered with. The machinations and ill-will against Romney, even among conservatives, have not worked, all year long, and they won’t work now, in the last few days; logic tells me it is too late for Obama, and has been all along. That’s how I read the signs, anyway. A Romney presidency does not mean the end of the troubles, of course….

  4. Andy DC says:

    I think it is going to be a close win for Romney. But the rallying around Obama after a disaster has me concerned, along with the ceaseless propaganda that Sandy is “our” fault and that Romney doesn’t care.

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