1984 : WWF President Says That Humans Are A Plague On The Planet

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18 Responses to 1984 : WWF President Says That Humans Are A Plague On The Planet

  1. Andy DC says:

    People who think humans are a plague on the planet should be encouraged to opt out, so they don’t clutter up the place for people who enjoy being here.

  2. Wyguy says:

    Could not agree more with Andy DC’s comment.

  3. savebyj says:

    We should drop him in a jungle, but naked and let him find out if we are ‘just another species on the planet’.

  4. Definitive proof the ancient aliens theory is correct. If we were products of evolution, it should be up to the laws of nature to regulate our population, just like every other species. Besides, plagues are part of nature. Why is the human plague any different than locust plagues, vermin over-running countries, etc? Answer: We’re not from here.

    • It’s the same logic used to prevent home owners from cutting down trees in wooded areas on their properties because it’s not ‘green’ — eventually a forest fire sweeps through the area and destroys everything including, now, the home. At this point the green minded say nothing because it was ‘Gaia’s Will’ so to speak.

      • nzrobin says:

        Not quite Will, you’ve forgotten that forest fires are mostly our fault now.

      • Me says:

        Yeah it is, until McKitten and the like says otherwise, they still haven’t got their story straight yet. Like Steven said they need a team huddle, yet again….

  5. tckev says:

    I always find it strange that supposedly educated people seem to think that what humans are doing on this planet is against nature. How do they know what nature wants? Maybe what humans are doing is exactly what nature wants. Who is to say? Certainly not some excessively comfortable accident of birth royal.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      He’s a hypocrite and a royal ahole. A pure hedonist who will do whatever is necessary to protect his privileged position. The best place for him and his family is 1919 Russia, or revolutionary France.

    • miked1947 says:

      Nature is and has always been doing everything to wipe out humans and every other species walking on this earth. Survival depends on being able to adapt to changes in natural forces that have been going on since time began.
      Nature does not want as nature does not think. Nature is just the natural order of things. The natural order is random Chaos.

  6. Age old principle 1: The Accuser of mankind always accuses the just of that which the Accuser himself is guilty. He thinks he can gain an advantage that way, and he often does.

    Age old principle 2: Children of the Accuser of mankind imitate their father just like all children imitate their fathers.

    In this case, the conclusion is simple: This spokesman for Satan wishes Totalitarians like himself were reaching plague proportions. Perhaps they are. That would make him happy, so he goes on TV to advertise his desire.

  7. And I’m sure he’d be the first to volunteer leaving the planet to heal the plague.

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