The Joy Of Shutting Down Fossil Fuels

Sometime around 1980, I was driving to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico – when a massive failure occurred at the Four Corners Power Plant. This caused an electricity blackout across the entire northwest quadrant of the state for many hours.

When the electricity is out, gasoline pumps don’t work at the gas station. I didn’t have enough gas to drive the thirty miles each way in and out of Chaco Canyon, so I stopped at a Navajo trading post and bought two gallons of Coleman Lantern Fuel (essentially unleaded gasoline.)

The owner of the store realized what I was doing, and jacked the price up to $10 per gallon.  Shutting down the coal industry will indeed make energy prices skyrocket.

Perhaps Obama can get a job working at a Navajo trading post. Ya-Ta-He.

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7 Responses to The Joy Of Shutting Down Fossil Fuels

  1. Huh. Does the Coleman fuel damage any engine internals?

  2. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Unleaded gas, and, by definition, green.

  3. Pathway says:

    POTUS is not qualified to work in the trading post, unless he is sweeping floors and shoveling horse dung in the stable. Even then, his work ethic is so bad that he wouldn’t last a day. By his own admission he is lazy.

  4. Norman Milliard says:

    Chaco Canyon needs to be seen at night, absolutely great night sky.

  5. Remember every litre of fossil fuel you don’t burn increases global GDP or something. ™ David Appell.

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