“This Car Owner Is 100% Neutered”

I was driving this afternoon behind a late model Jeep Wrangler (very similar to the one I was driving) which had a bumper sticker that read :

This vehicle is 100% carbon neutral

My Wrangler uses a lot of gas. A vehicle like that needs to have a large engine which can drive up steep surfaces on rough terrain. Why would anyone wanting to look like a pussy buy a Jeep Wrangler? That is what Subaru is for.


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14 Responses to “This Car Owner Is 100% Neutered”

  1. Has no desire to make sacrifice for the cause that affect his life style but must find a way to deal with the guilt.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Well, it’s only putting CO2 in the air that was taken from the air in the first place, isn’t it? So what if there’s a few million years delay in the cycle?

  3. M. Carpenter says:

    Perhaps it was tongue in cheek, piss take irony…oh wait, America hmmm!

  4. spinifers says:

    ?! I love Subaru. Incredible little cars. Drove nothing else for 20+ winters in Alaska. First one made it to 280+ thousand miles and all we ever did beyond basic maintenance was change the clutch. Always got me home, no matter how cold, no matter how much snow, ice and wind. Jeeps and Dodges were for summer, when winter came we got out the Subaru!

  5. oeman50 says:

    I live in Virginia and I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone thinks my Subaru is a “political statement.” I bought it so I could get out of my on-street parking places without having to shovel the snow out from under my entire car and then bang into the cars parked in front and back of me trying to get out. I hold myself personally responsible for ensuring no significant snowfall occured here for over 5 years after I bought that car.

  6. Michael D Smith says:

    Here is a bumper sticker I made… It’s one way to sequester a particularly nasty form of carbon in way most beneficial to the public at large…


    • Kalifornia Kafir says:

      I drive my Chrysler around Berkeley with a sticker that says “Hydrocarbon powered Eco-vehicle.” And yes, the statement is tongue-in-cheek and meant to be a 3 Stooges eye-poke to the smug liberals driving hybrids and smart cars.

      Mike: I’ll be adding your sticker as soon as it arrives in the mail.

  7. chris y says:

    My 1997 Ford Explorer gas guzzler has a bumper sticker that says “Powered By Hydrogen-Loaded Nanorods”. I used to have people regularly ask where I had the engine modified to run on hydrogen, back when Mercedes said automotive fuel cells were commercial, around 2001.

  8. Me says:

    😆 Too funny!

  9. Jeep: Well, it’s a serviceable substitute if you can’t get a Land Rover.


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