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Evil Fossil Fuels Needed In New York

Bloomberg said earlier this week that burning fossil fuels caused New York’s problems, while residents of New York are dying for lack of fossil fuels. Storm-ravaged and weary Rockaways residents cornered Mayor Bloomberg yesterday to angrily demand more aid for … Continue reading

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Bloomberg’s 17th Century Enlightenment

A massive storm surge killed thousands of people in England and Wales in 1607. The authorities predictably responded by blaming the flood on English sins. Gods Warning to his people of England.

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Worst Weekend In English Football History?

English football has completely sucked this weekend. West Ham got cheated out a win by the linesman, and City was unable to get a decent shot off the entire match. Arsenal swooned over RVP, gave him a free goal, and put MU … Continue reading

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The Chris Christie Bounce

This Guy Wanted To Be The GOP Candidate For President | Real Science Chris Christie (a man who obviously has a huge amount of self respect) swooned over Obama and probably gave him four more years in the White House. … Continue reading

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58 Years Since New England Was Hit By A Major Hurricane

New England has been hit by four major hurricanes since the end of the Civil War, with the most recent one in 1954. From 1938 to 1954, three major hurricanes struck New England. On September 7 1869, three ships observed hurricane … Continue reading

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2012 : US Fire Count Fourth Lowest On Record

The US fire season has nearly ended, with the fire count being the fourth lowest on record since 1960. The only years with fewer forest fires were the wet years after the eruption of El Chichon. National Interagency Fire Center … Continue reading

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Living The Green Dream

Greens tell us that our lives would be better without readily available fossil fuels. Obama’s science advisor said that the US is threatened by too much energy. http://news.google.com/newspapers Greens shut off the lights in New York and bragged about their … Continue reading

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