Evil Fossil Fuels Needed In New York

Bloomberg said earlier this week that burning fossil fuels caused New York’s problems, while residents of New York are dying for lack of fossil fuels.

Storm-ravaged and weary Rockaways residents cornered Mayor Bloomberg yesterday to angrily demand more aid for their devastated neighborhood.

“When are we gonna get some help?” blasted one desperate woman, who had to be held back by the mayor’s security detail as Bloomberg stood by with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

“When are we gonna get some f–king help?” she demanded.

“There’s old ladies in my building that don’t got nothing,” lashed out a man on video caught by a NY1 reporting crew.

“I spoke to many people who were worried, frustrated and cold,” Bloomberg said. “There’s no power there and temperatures are dropping. Even those who have generators are having a hard time getting fuel.”

Devastated Rockaways residents lash out at Bloomberg during unannounced visit – NYPOST.com

h/t to Dave G


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9 Responses to Evil Fossil Fuels Needed In New York

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Just think – if they all had electric cars, they could just plug them in.
    Never mind the lack of electricity.
    A hybrid car (more expensive) may be “green” but you pay more for fossil-fueled back-up.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Meanwhile, across the pond, several inches of a ‘thing of the past’ have been falling in SW England:


    The children just didn’t know what it was (© Dr David Viner, CRU, University of Easy Access)


  3. But you can appreciate the politics behind the claim. By blaming the storm on global warming it becomes the fault and therefore the responsibility of the federal government.

  4. Dave N says:


    If they had any integrity, they’d deny them fossil fuels. Fortunately, they don’t have any integrity whatsoever. Sadly, the media won’t make them an example of this, since they don’t have any either.

  5. Blade says:

    I’ve been posting this at WUWT …

    I wonder why McKibben, President DingleBarry, Mayor Doomberg and Governor Krispy Kreme are not telling the blackout victims to man-up and be thankful that they are saving the planet by going full-green?

  6. kirkmyers says:

    To deflect attention from his own mismanagement, Bloomberg in typical opportunist fashion blames the storm and its aftermath on “climate change.” What utter nonsense, but oh so typical of someone of Bloomberg’s despicable character. He should stick to banning soft drinks. It suits his fascist tendencies to a T.

  7. ralphcramdo says:

    If the lack of evil fossil fuel wasn’t enough…

    Hurricane Sandy Ravages On: 16 Fisker Karmas Catch Fire and Explode

    Today’s fascinating car story comes courtesy of Alex Davies, formerly one of our own and now on the transportation beat for Business Insider (we miss you, man).

    It’s no surprise that Hurricane Sandy flooded a number of cars, but it seemed to have a vengeance for the eco-friendly 1 percent. It’s reported that 16 Karmas (each worth six figures) in Port Newark, N.J. were submerged, catching fire and exploding.

    In a statement, Fisker said there weren’t any injuries and the cars in question weren’t charging at the time.


  8. slimething says:

    Obama vows to continue throwing money down the rat hole.

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