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CO2 Paranoia Made Andrew Freedman More Clueless Than He Would Have Been Otherwise

We can’t say for certain that Andrew Freedman wouldn’t be clueless without his CO2 paranoia, but it almost certainly has made his condition worse. He rants about Sandy without checking his facts. Scientists cannot yet answer the specific question of … Continue reading

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Wind Power Causes Insanity

Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists – Telegraph Wind farms may drive you insane – but are worth it because they are ugly, unreliable and environmentally destructive. Swathes of British countryside are being sacrificed Too much faith – … Continue reading

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Shock News : Antarctic Sea Ice Has Been Above Normal 343 Days In A Row

In 22 days, Antarctic sea icea area will have been above normal for 365 days in a row. According to logic invented by crack scientist Jeff Masters, the odds against this happening are astronomical at 2^343 power to one. Proof … Continue reading

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Climate Deniers Heavily Financed By Evil Corporations

Global warming skepticism is still alive and well, thanks to an effective campaign of public disinformation — one heavily financed by oil, gas, electric utility and coal interests, and employing tactics pioneered by the tobacco industry. Global warming: More Americans … Continue reading

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When Seconds Count, Police Are Just Weeks Away

People in New York are having to use makeshift weapons to defend themselves. The lesson is, exercise your right to purchase arms – before Obama tries to take your rights away during his lame duck second term. Ever since Sandy … Continue reading

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