My Presidential Endorsement

After much thought, I have decided to endorse Mitt Romney for president. It was a tough call, but my reasons are listed below.

Creepy little drug abusing congenitally lying community organizer who hates America and got the job for all the wrong reasons after massively misrepresenting who he is.
Successful businessman with good values, loves his country and has proven that he can get things done in government while working with the opposition.

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61 Responses to My Presidential Endorsement

  1. I thought I was reading ABC news there for a second but then noticed the names were around the wrong way.

  2. pyromancer76 says:

    A very difficult decision. There is terrible mental pain when considering what America has been put through for four years. I concur wholeheartedly with your conclusion.

  3. Rosco says:

    I am truly surprised by your choice – I never would have thunk it.

  4. Wyguy says:

    What an easy choice, why would anyone ever concider Obama is trully beyond me.

  5. gator69 says:

    97% of Skeptics agree, Obama is responsible for a catastrophically increasing debt. It’s called the Whitehouse effect. 😉

    • physicist says:

      97 % of the US debt since 1916 is due to all our wars and warmongering to create and support the empire.

      • Nonsense. Obama created 15% of the debt by paying off his banker and union backers with TARP and the stimulus bill.

      • gator69 says:

        “…for a catastrophically increasing debt.”

        Read much? 😆

      • While looking for anything that would support your claim, I did find how much fun politicians have lying with statistics. There are as many graphs showing whatever one wants to be true as there are speakers. The US Debt is due to spending more than we take in, plain and simple. No matter what it is spent on, if one exceeds the income with the outgo, debt happens. If politicians could actually do math and not just count how many votes they think they can get by doling out non-existant money, we could solve the problem.

      • Blade says:

        97 % of the US debt since 1916 is due to all our wars and warmongering to create and support the empire.

        You’re full of crap, just making shit up. Ironically, up on Drudge right now … GENERATION DEBT: Every American Under 18 Now Owes $218,676… and ‘Per Person Debt Now 35 Percent Higher than that of Greece’….

        Using the given numbers, $16,221,685,381,838.28 divided by 310 million people ( which generously includes infants to retirees and illegal aliens that do not pay taxes ) a more favorable number of $52,328 as the absolute minimum that you currently owe. Now imagine four more years of President DingleBarry.

        So the question is, how do you plan on paying your share? Or do you plan on dropping dead before that thereby passing it on to your kids? That would mean doubling one of your kids bill to $104,656. How does that make you feel?

        Meanwhile you sit around on your fat ass fretting over an extra molecule of CO2, plotting to use that triviality to crank up the debt even further. Welcome to Planet MasterCard where the rivers are storm surging full of red ink.

        NEVER vote for a liberal. They are trying to blow up the system just as sure as the terrorists are.

      • philjourdan says:

        And all but the last one started by democrats.

  6. Eric Webb says:

    That seemed like it was a very tough decision for you Steve. 🙂

  7. Rick K says:

    Steve, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Although I thought you went a little too easy on 0bama.
    Everyone: Please vote tomorrow. Oh, except for democrats… their voting day has been pushed back one day to give 0bama time to rest. Democrats vote Wednesday, November 7 this year.

  8. Blade says:

    I will have no choice but to pull the lever for Romney and Ryan. I can’t stand him personally, or any other Northeast liberals ( I am surrounded by them, I know them my whole life ). But the deciding factor is the Supreme Court. For the love of God, we cannot let this Communist asshole put 4 more fellow travelers on there, and there really are 4 possible retirements upcoming.

    If DingleBarry does put 4 more on the court, you can guarantee that there will be a civil war within a decade, one far worse than the first one. Firearms ownership was affirmed by a single vote, a self-evidently obvious thing that was never in doubt until the modern era of the socialist welfare state.

    So, if you really are undecided, or just a young selfish dummy looking for a handout, consider that there is your future and your kids at stake. For real. If you give DingleBarry another term and 4 more justices ( probably net 2 votes ), you are willingly handing off a powder keg to your kids. There will be a war before a decade elapses because there is no chance that we will ever turn-in our weapons. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    Send Barry Hussein home. Save the country. Or else its over anyway.

    • physicist says:

      there is absolutely no fucking reason to vote for the Party of Jefferson Davis, and the lying, tax-dodger leading it now, and all the Bush warmongers hangers-on. a vote for the repuglicans is a vote for bush on steroids.

      • You’re good at repeating thought free talking points, much like a trained parrot.

      • gofer says:

        Try to hold it together.

      • physicist says:

        the parrots are the anti-science right wing deniers who frequent this site,

        the repuglicans are the party of strom thurmond, jesse helms, and the KKKers of the old south. as we see voter suppression that supposedly we got rid of with the voting rights act. the repuglicans in ohio and florida are turning the US into a third world country. we have reached the point where we need international election observers.

      • Blade says:

        WTF! Are you are a f*cking idiot? Jefferson Davis a Republican??? So the states left the union which had elected Lincoln (R) in order to empower another (R)? Care to retract Mr. Physicist?

        Now personally I despise these parties, but if I have to rationalize voting (R) I will say it is the party of Frederick Douglass. Remember him retard? Who is smarter, him or you?

        I can safely assume you are a member in good standing of the (D) Democratic Socialist party, right? So what exactly should I be thinking of you Mr. Physicist? You promoting the party that fought to keep my people in chains. promoting the party that kept them out of the voting both not just in 1864 but as recently as 1964. Your party even formed the first terrorist group, the KKK, to wreak havoc among my newly freed people. And when that wasn’t sufficient created a myriad of Jim Crow laws to put us back in quasi-slavery.

        Either your teenage kid is using your computer, or you really are more idiotic than all the other lefty AGW kooks that pop in here from time to time. Which is it?

      • Maybe if you learned to express yourself in less general, hostile, venomous terms, people might actually care what you have to say. My guess is you have nothing to say, but wanted to post anyway. Try inserting some facts.

      • Justa Joe says:

        AGW kookism is just a bludgeon that the left uses against free market capitalism. That’s why every single AGW kook that wanders in is a faithful extoller of every other leftist cause. AGW is the Dialectical materialism of the new millenium, and it’s going to just as difficult to expunge as a valid idea in society.

      • You don’t get it Blade. Everything bad = Republican. Everything good = democrats. It’s about facts or arguments.

      • Lou says:

        Democrat Party = Party of Lies. Learn some history.

      • Blade says:

        Lou, thanks so much for that link. I have never seen that page before and frankly more than a few of those are news to me. EXCELLENT educational value.

        Maybe, “physicist” can take a minute from his busy schedule of drinking and posting to read through and he will either have a epiphany or a massive stroke as he painfully learns there are layers upon layers of lies crammed into his empty skull resulting in him existing in a Star Trek like opposite universe.

      • philjourdan says:

        The Party of Jefferson Davis, Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crowe, the KKK, Poll Taxes and disenfranchisement is the democrats. Fact. Look it up.

      • Proof rational thought and politics are mutually exclusive in some individuals. Darn, that means I won’t get that huge grant now for a two question survey. Drat.

  9. gofer says:

    The Commander-In-Chief Military Endorsements:
    (These are the official lists from each campaign.)

    Senior officers endorsing Barack Hussein Obama:
    Gen. Wesley Clark, USA, Gen. Colin Powell, USA, Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, USA, Adm. Donald Gutter, USN, Adm. John Nathman, USN.

    Senior officers and decorated personnel endorsing Mitt Romney:

    Adm. James B. Busey, USN, Gen. James T. Conway, USMC, Gen. Terrence R. Dake, USMC, Adm. James O. Ellis, USN, Adm. Mark Fitzgerald, USM, Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, Gen. Tommy Franks, USA, Gen. Alfred Hansen, USAF, Adm. Ronald Jackson Hays, USN, Adm. Thomas Bibb Hayward, USN, Gen. Chuck Albert Horner, USAF, Adm. Jerome LaMarr Johnson, USN, Adm. Timothy J. Keating, USN, Gen. Paul X. Kelley, USMC, Gen. William Kernan, USA, Adm. George E.R. Kinnear II, USN, Gen. William L. Kirk, USAF, Gen. James J. Lindsay, USA, Gen. William R. Looney III, USAF, Adm. Hank Mauz, USN, Gen. Robert Magnus, USMC, Adm. Paul David Miller, USN, Gen. Henry Hugh Shelton, USA, Gen. Lance Smith, USAF, Adm. Leighton Smith, Jr., USN, Gen. Ronald W. Yates, USAF, Adm. Ronald J. Zlatoper, USN, Lt. Gen. James Abrahamson, USAF, Lt. Gen. Edgar Anderson, Jr., USAF, Lt. Gen. Marcus A. Anderson, USAF, Lt. Gen. Buck Bedard, USMC, Vice Adm. A. Bruce Beran, USCG, Vice Adm. Lyle Bien, USN, Lt. Gen. Harold Blot, USMC, Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, USA, Vice Adm. Mike Bowman III, USN, Vice Adm. Mike Bucchi, USN, Lt. Gen. Walter E. Buchanan III, USAF, Lt. Gen. Richard A. Burpee, USAF, Lt. Gen. William Campbell, USAF, Lt. Gen. James E. Chambers, USAF, Vice Adm. Edward W. Clexton, Jr., USN, Lt. Gen. John B. Conaway, USAF, Lt. Gen. Marvin Covault, USA, Vice Adm. Terry M. Cross, USCG, Vice Adm. William Adam Dougherty, USN, Lt. Gen. Brett Dula, USAF, Lt. Gen. Gordon E. Fornell, USAF, Vice Adm. David Frost, USN, Vice Adm. Henry C. Giffin III, USN, Vice Adm. Peter M. Hekman, USN, Vice Adm. Richard D. Herr, USCG, Lt. Gen. Thomas J Hickey, USAF, Lt. Gen. Walter S. Hogle, Jr., USAF, Lt. Gen. Ronald W. Iverson, USAF, Lt. Gen. Donald W. Jones, USA, Vice Adm. Douglas J. Katz, USN, Lt. Gen. Jay W. Kelley, USAF, Vice Adm. Tom Kilcline, USN, Lt. Gen. Timothy A. Kinnan, USAF, Vice Adm. Harold Koenig, M.D., USN, Vice Adm. Albert H. Konetzni, USN, Lt. Gen. Buford Derald Lary, USAF, Lt. Gen. Frank Libutti, USMC, Vice Adm. Stephen Loftus, USN, Vice Adm. Michael Malone, USN, Vice Adm. Edward H. Martin, USN, Vice Adm. John J. Mazach, USN, Vice Adm. Justin D. McCarthy, USN, Vice Adm. William McCauley, USN, Lt. Gen. Fred McCorkle, USMC, Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, USAF, Vice Adm. Joseph S. Mobley, USN, Lt. Gen. Carol Mutter, USMC, Lt. Gen. Dave R. Palmer, USA, Vice Adm. John Theodore “Ted” Parker, USN, Lt. Gen. Garry L. Parks, USMC, Lt. Gen. Charles Henry “Chuck” Pitman, USMC, Lt. Gen. Steven R. Polk, USAF, Vice Adm. William E. Ramsey, USN, Lt. Gen. Joseph J. Redden, USAF, Lt. Gen. Clifford H. “Ted” Rees, Jr., USAF, Lt. Gen. Edward Rowny, USA Vice Adm. Dutch Schultz, USN, Lt. Gen. Charles J. Searock, Jr., USAF, Lt. Gen. E. G. “Buck” Shuler, USAF, Lt. Gen. Alexander M. “Rusty” Sloan, USAF, Vice Adm. Edward M. Straw, USN, Lt. Gen. David J. Teal, USAF, Lt. Gen. Billy M. Thomas, USA, Vice Adm. Donald C. “Deese” Thompson, USCG, Vice Adm. Alan S. Thompson, USN, Lt. Gen. Herman O. “Tommy” Thomson, USAF, Vice Adm. Howard B. Thorsen, USCG, Lt. Gen. William Thurman, USAF, Lt. Gen. Robert Allen “R.A.” Tiebout, USMC, Vice Adm. John B. Totushek, USNR, Lt. Gen. George J. Trautman, USMC, Lt. Gen. Garry R. Trexler, USAF, Vice Adm. Jerry O. Tuttle, USN, Lt. Gen. Claudius “Bud” Watts, USAF, Lt. Gen. William “Bill” Welser, USAF, Lt. Gen. Thad A. Wolfe, USAF, Lt. Gen. C. Norman Wood, USAF, Lt. Gen. Michael W. Wooley, USAF, Lt. Gen. Richard “Rick” Zilmer, USMC, Major Gen. Chris Adams, USAF, Rear Adm. Henry Amos, USN Major Gen. Nora Alice Astafan, USAF, Major Gen. Almon Bowen Ballard, USAF, Major Gen. James F. Barnette, USAF, Major Gen. Robert W. Barrow, USAF, Rear Adm. John R. Batlzer, USN, Rear Adm. Jon W. Bayless, USN, Major Gen. John E. Bianchi, USA, Major Gen. David F. Bice, USMC, Rear Adm. Linda J. Bird, USN, Rear Adm. James H. Black, USN, Rear Adm. Peter A. Bondi, USN, Major Gen. John L. Borling, USMC, Major Gen. Tom Braaten, USA, Major Gen. Robert J. Brandt, USA, Rear Adm. Jerry C. Breast, USN, Rear Adm. Bruce B. Bremner, USN, Rear Adm. Thomas F. Brown III, USN, Major Gen. David P. Burford, USA, Rear Adm. John F. Calvert, USN, Rear Adm. Jay A. Campbell, USN, Major Gen. Henry Canterbury, USAF, Rear Adm. James J. Carey, USN, Rear Adm. Nevin Carr, USN, Rear Adm. Stephen K. Chadwick, USN, Rear Adm. W. Lewis Chatham, USN, Major Gen. Jeffrey G. Cliver, USAF, Rear Adm. Casey Coane, USN, Rear Adm. Isaiah C. Cole, USN, Major Gen. Stephen Condon, USAF, Major Gen. Richard C. Cosgrave, USANG, Rear Adm. Robert Cowley, USN, Major Gen. J.T. Coyne, USMC, Rear Adm. Robert C. Crates, USN, Major Gen. Tommy F. Crawford, USAF, Rear Adm. James P. Davidson, USN, Rear Adm. Kevin F. Delaney, USN, Major Gen. James D. Delk, USA, Major Gen. Robert E. Dempsey, USAF, Rear Adm. Jay Ronald Denney, USNR, Major Gen. Robert S. Dickman, USAF, Rear Adm. James C. Doebler, USN, Major Gen. Douglas O. Dollar, USA, Major Gen. Hunt Downer, USA, Major Gen. Thomas A. Dyches, USAF, Major Gen. Jay T. Edwards, USAF, Major Gen. John R. Farrington, USAF, Rear Adm. Francis L. Filipiak, USN, Rear Adm. James H. Flatley III, USN, Major Gen. Charles Fletcher, USA, Major Gen. Bobby O. Floyd, USAF, Rear Adm. Veronica Froman, USN, Rear Adm. Vance H. Fry, USN, Rear Adm. R. Byron Fuller, USN, Rear Adm. George M. Furlong, USN, Rear Adm. Frank Gallo, USN, Rear Adm. Ben F. Gaumer, USN, Rear Adm. Harry E. Gerhard Jr., USN, Major Gen. Daniel J. Gibson, USAF, Rear Adm. Andrew A. Giordano, USN, Major Gen. Richard N. Goddard, USAF, Rear Adm. Fred Golove, USCGR, Rear Adm. Harold Eric Grant, USN, Major Gen. Jeff Grime, USAF, Major Gen. Robert Kent Guest, USA, Major Gen. Tim Haake, USAR, Major Gen. Otto K. Habedank, USAF, Rear Adm. Thomas F. Hall, USN, Rear Adm. Donald P. Harvey, USN, Major Gen. Leonard W. Hegland, USAF, Rear Adm. John Hekman, USN, Major Gen. John A. Hemphill, USA, Rear Adm. Larry Hereth, USCG, Major Gen. Wilfred Hessert, USAF, Rear Adm. Don Hickman, USN, Major Gen. Geoffrey Higginbotham, USMC, Major Gen. Jerry D. Holmes, USAF, Major Gen. Weldon F. Honeycutt, USA, Rear Adm. Steve Israel, USN, Major Gen. James T. Jackson, USA, Rear Adm. John S. Jenkins, USN, Rear Adm. Tim Jenkins, USN, Rear Adm. Ron Jesberg, USN, Rear Adm. Pierce J. Johnson, USN, Rear Adm. Steven B. Kantrowitz, USN, Rear Adm. John T. Kavanaugh, USN, Major Gen. Dennis M. Kenneally, USA, Major Gen. Michael Kerby, USAF, Rear Adm. David Kunkel, USCG, Major Gen. Geoffrey C. Lambert, USA, Rear Adm. Arthur Langston, USN, Rear Adm. Thomas G. Lilly, USN, Major Gen. James E. Livingston, USAF, Major Gen. Al Logan, USAF, Major Gen. John D. Logeman Jr., USAF, Rear Adm. Noah H. Long Jr, USNR, Rear Adm. Don Loren, USN, Major Gen. Andy Love, USAF, Rear Adm. Thomas C. Lynch, USN, Rear Adm. Steven Wells Maas, USN, Major Gen. Robert M. Marquette, USAF, Rear Adm. Larry Marsh, USN, Major Gen. Clark W. Martin, USAF, Major Gen. William M. Matz, USN, Rear Adm. Gerard Mauer, USN, Rear Adm. William J. McDaniel, MD, USN, Rear Adm. E.S. McGinley II, USN, Rear Adm. Henry C. McKinney, USN, Major Gen. Robert Messerli, USAF, Major Gen. Douglas S. Metcalf, USAF, Rear Adm. John W. Miller, USN, Rear Adm. Patrick David Moneymaker, USN, Major Gen. Mario Montero, USA, Rear Adm. Douglas M. Moore, USN, Major Gen. Walter Bruce Moore, USA, Major Gen. William Moore, USA, Major Gen. Burton R. Moore, USAF, Rear Adm. James A. Morgart, USN, Major Gen. Stanton R. Musser, USAF, Rear Adm. John T. Natter, USN, Major Gen. Robert George Nester, USAF, Major Gen. George W. Norwood, USAF, Rear Adm. Robert C. Olsen, USN, Major Gen. Raymund E. O’Mara, USAF, Rear Adm. Robert S. Owens, USN, Rear Adm. John F. Paddock, USN, Major Gen. Robert W. Paret, USAF, Rear Adm. Robert O. Passmore, USN, Major Gen. Earl G. Peck, USAF, Major Gen. Richard E. Perraut Jr., USAF, Major Gen. Gerald F. Perryman, USAF, Rear Adm. W.W. Pickavance, USN, Rear Adm. John J. Prendergast, USN, Rear Adm. Fenton F. Priest, USN, Major Gen. David C. Ralston, USA, Major Gen. Bentley B. Rayburn, USAF, Rear Adm. Harold Rich, USN, Rear Adm. Roland Rieve, USN, Rear Adm. Tommy F. Rinard, USN, Major Gen. Richard H. Roellig, USAF, Rear Adm. Michael S. Roesner, USN, Rear Adm. William J. Ryan, USN, Major Gen. Loran C. Schnaidt, USAF, Major Gen. Carl Schneider, USAF, Major Gen. John P. Schoeppner, Jr., USAF, Major Gen. Edison E. Scholes, USAF, Rear Adm. Robert H. Shumaker, USN, Rear Adm. William S. Schwob, USCG, Major Gen. David J. Scott, USAF, Rear Adm. Hugh P. Scott, USN, Major Gen. Richard Secord, USAF, Rear Adm. William H. Shawcross, USN, Major Gen. Joseph K. Simeone, USAF and ANG, Major Gen. Darwin Simpson, ANG, Rear Adm. Greg Slavonic, USN, Rear Adm. David Oliver “D.O.” Smart, USNR, Major Gen. Richard D. Smith, USAF, Major Gen. Donald Bruce Smith, USAF, Rear Adm. Paul O. Soderberg, USN, Rear Adm. Robert H. “Bob” Spiro, USN, Major Gen. Henry B. Stelling, Jr., USAF, Rear Adm. Daniel H. Stone, USN, Major Gen. William A. Studer, USAF, Rear Adm. Hamlin Tallent, USN, Major Gen. Hugh Banks Tant III, USA, Major Gen. Larry S. Taylor, USMC, Major Gen. J.B. Taylor, USA, Major Gen. Thomas R. Tempel, USA, Major Gen. Richard L. Testa, USAF, Rear Adm. Jere Thompson, USN, Rear Adm. Byron E. Tobin, USN, Major Gen. Larry Twitchell, USAF, Major Gen. Russell L. Violett, USAF, Major Gen. David E.B. “DEB” Ward, USAF, Major Gen. Charles J. Wax, USAF, Rear Adm. Donald Weatherson, USN, Major Gen. John Welde, USAF, Major Gen. Gary Whipple, USA, Rear Adm. James B. Whittaker, USN, Rear Adm. Charles Williams, USN, Rear Adm. H. Denny Wisely, USN, Rear Adm. Theodore J. Wojnar, USCG, Rear Adm. George R. Worthington, USN, Brig. Gen. Arthur Abercrombie, USA, Brig. Gen. John R. Allen, USAF, Brig. Gen. Loring R. Astorino, USAF, Brig. Gen. Richard Averitt, USA, Brig. Gen. Garry S. Bahling, USANG, Brig. Gen. Donald E. Barnhart, USAF, Brig. Gen. Charles L. Bishop, USAF, Brig. Gen. Clayton Bridges, USAF, Brig. Gen. Jeremiah J. Brophy, USA, Brig. Gen. R. Thomas Browning, USAF, Brig. Gen. David A. Brubaker, USAF, Brig. Gen. Chalmers R. Carr, USAF, Brig. Gen. Fred F. Caste, USAFR, Brig. Gen. Robert V. Clements, USAF, Brig. Gen. Christopher T Cline, USA, Brig. Gen. George Peyton Cole, Jr., USAF, Brig. Gen. Richard A. Coleman, USAF, Brig. Gen. Mike Cushman, USAF, Brig. Gen. Peter Dawkins, USA, Brig. Gen. Sam. G. DeGeneres, USAF, Brig. Gen. George Demers, USAF, Brig. Gen. Howard G. DeWolf, USAF, Brig. Gen. Arthur F. Diehl, USAF, Brig. Gen. David Bob Edmonds, USAF, Brig. Gen. Anthony Farrington, USAF, Brig. Gen. Norm Gaddis, USAF, Brig. Gen. Robert H. Harkins, USAF, Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Honeywill, USAF, Brig. Gen. Stanley V. Hood, USAF, Brig. Gen. James J. Hourin, USAF, Brig. Gen. Jack C. Ihle, USAF, Brig. Gen. Thomas G. Jeter, USAF, Brig. Gen. William Herbert Johnson, USAF, Brig. Gen. Kenneth F. Keller, USAF, Brig. Gen. Wayne W. Lambert, USAF, Brig. Gen. Jerry L. Laws, USA, Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Lennon, USAF, Brig. Gen. John M. Lotz, USAF, Brig. Gen. Robert S. Mangum, USA, Brig. Gen. Frank Martin, USAF, Brig. Gen. Joe Mensching, USAF, Brig. Gen. Richard L. Meyer, USAF, Brig. Gen. Lawrence A. Mitchell, USAF, Brig. Gen. Michael P. Mulqueen, USMC, Brig. Gen. Ben Nelson, Jr., USAF, Brig. Gen. Jack W. Nicholson, USA, Brig. Gen. Maria C. Owens, USAF, Brig. Gen. Dave Papak, USMC, Brig. Gen. Gary A. Pappas, USANG, Brig. Gen. Robert V. Paschon, USAF, Brig. Gen. Allen K. Rachel, USAF, Brig. Gen. Jon Reynolds, USAF, Brig. Gen. Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr., USAFR, Brig. Gen. Roger Scearce, USA, Brig. Gen. Dennis Schulstad, USAFR, Brig. Gen. John Serur, USAF, Brig. Gen. Joseph L. Shaefer, USAF, Brig. Gen. Graham Shirley, USAF, Brig. Gen. Raymond Shulstad, USAF, Brig. Gen. Stan Smith, USAF, Brig. Gen. Ralph S. Smith, USAF, Brig. Gen. Donald Smith, USA, Brig. Gen. David M. Snyder, USAF, Brig. Gen. Michael Joseph Tashjian, USAF, Brig. Gen. Richard Louis Ursone, USA, Brig. Gen. Earl Van Inwegen, USAF, Brig. Gen. Terrence P. Woods, USAF, Brig. Gen. Mitchell Zais, USA, Brig. Gen. Allan Ralph Zenowitz, USA
    —Patriot Post

    • physicist says:

      as I said the repuglicans are the party of war. send our kids off to be killed in illegal and immoral wars.

      • gofer says:

        An illegal war? A war that’s against some law? Standing by while 4 Americans are slaughtered is the democrat way because they don’t believe in evil or terror. The body count has increased under Obama. Where’s the outrage?

        It was a democrats started and advanced a war that got 55,000 killed in Nam.

      • You must be referring to Kennedy and Johnson who got us into Vietnam, and Nixon who got us out.

      • NEWS FLASH: There is no longer a draft. “The government sends our kids off to wars” is a sign of short-term memory loss. You live in the 1960s in your memory. It’s very sad and there is no known cure….

      • Lou says:

        WW1 and WW2 happened when we had two of the most “progressive” presidents…

      • philjourdan says:

        Then why is it the democrats are the party in power for all the major wars of the 20th century?

      • philjourdan: Democrats are never to blame for anything. All those wars were start by the Republicans either behind the scenes or the previous administration. Heck, Nixon never could have ended VietNam if the Democrats hadn’t done all the work. That’s how the Democratic party works.

    • physicist says:

      and now they are conducting a war on our women

      • gofer says:

        On ‘your’ women?? LOL The war on women meme was one of the nuttiest things ever to come from the left. It’s so absurd, people just roll their eyes. It’s also insulting to women since it supposes them too stupid to understand and all they think about is sex. The central problem in their lives is getting laid without any consequences. That’s how the dems portray women. It’s pathetic. Democrat men have to make sure “their women” have plenty of free contraceptives and ways to do away with any “mistakes.” I’m convinced they were born with an “embarrassment gene” because they actually stood that Fluke lady up to speak for them.

        At least the Right treats women with respect and not people who do nothing but think about sex.

      • Independent says:

        Are you a DNC-funded robot?

      • gator69 says:

        “According to a report published by the Washington Free Beacon in April, the 2011 annual report on White House staffers revealed that the median annual salary for female White House employees was 18% less than male employees — $60,000 compared with $71,000.

        During the 2008 campaign, columnist Deroy Murdock wrote that female staffers in Obama’s U.S. Senate office were also shortchanged. “Obama’s average male employee earned $54,397,” Murdock inferred from Senate salary records. But the future president’s “30 female employees (earned) $45,152, on average.”

        Read More At IBD:

      • What war on women. I’m a woman. I must have missed the memo or something. Again, maybe a little more info would make your post more convincing, assuming you have any…..Besides, women are fully capable of defending themselves against politicians. They gave the vote now, you know.

      • philjourdan says:

        Right – making them pay for murdering babies is a war on women. I guess you think that we also warred unfairly on Nazis to stop them from murdering Jews. I guess we see which side you are on.

    • Dave G says:

      that was great Gofer! from Dave G USMC, can’t even respond to physicist, but the lists look like the crowds following Romney versus O this time around

  10. Pathway says:

    why are liberals always so angry?

    • gator69 says:

      Stupidity is painful.

    • gofer says:

      Same reason as children who don’t get their way. They also don’t seem to have a sense of humor and never recognize satire because everything is always serious.

      Instead of carrying and using and umbrella, they try to figure out a way to make it stop raining. That’s the irrational logic seen in global warming.

    • physicist says:

      because we always have to deal with you fucking right wing know nothings who want to take us back to the 1890s or beyond

      and because I had a son do six tours in your fucking war in Iraq.

      • Blade says:

        Hey you, race boy. You have a retraction to make, concerning your idiotic comment here.

        Time to man-up son.

      • So your so had the audacity to volunteer for a war you disapproved of. I can see why you hate everyone. Your own child ignored your venomous pronouncement and went off to defend this country. It couldn’t be anything you did–some political party did it and it’s their fault for brainwashing your son into volunteering for something his father despised. It explains why you have no reasoning in any argument. Who needs reason when you’re seeking revenge, right?

      • Bob says:


        Last time I looked we had a volunteer military. Therefore your son willingly (and good for him) did six tours in OUR fucking war in Iraq. What did you think he joined for? To look pretty in his uniform just so he could impress the panties off little Mary Rottencrotch??

        I hope your knowledge of physics is greater than your grasp of history. The KKK was a product of the Democratic party, not the Republican Party. The Democratic party was the party of: Gov. George Wallace, Gov. Lester Maddox, and Sen Robert Byrd (An Exalted Cyclops in his local KKK branch). Byrd also refused to join the US military in WWII because “he might have to serve alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimens from the wilds”.

        I suppose in your vernacular WWII was also a “immoral war”?

      • rw says:

        You remind me of the guy from California who posted here a while back saying that he was in N. Carolina (or some nearby east coast state) and his roof had just blown off during Hurricance Irene.

        In other words, you just outed yourself.

        (cf comment by Reality Check – which is precisely what you’ll get if BHO is re-elected.)

        • philjourdan says:

          Hehehe. Irene was a pussycat! At least for me. Isabel clobbered me though because I was unprepared. But Irene around HERE was just the first of a troika of woes. Soon after we got the largest Earthquake on the east coast (OK you west coasters, stop lauging at a measly 5.4), and then Tornadoes.

          And no one threw eggs at linemen, kicked them out of the state for not wearing the emperors clothes or rioted over gas shortages.

  11. Justa Joe says:
    A Senator’s Shame

    Even the donk hagiographers at the Post had to call Byrd to task on his Klan involvement.

  12. kirkmyers says:

    I will be exercising one of my few remaining rights on election day — the right not to vote.

    This is a contest between two candidates arguing over whose policies will take us over the cliff the slowest. Neither annointed establishment puppet offers any credible plan to head off this country’s impending economic self-implosion and resulting collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

    I’m not interested in voting for the so-called “lesser of two evils.” The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    • Blade says:

      Kirk, I’m totally with you on that opinion. Democrat and Republicrat. Communist and Socialist.

      Consider one argument, the one that swayed me: Breyer (74), Ginsburg (79), Kennedy (76), Scalia (76). We can even extend that to Thomas (64).

      This rat bastard son of a communist would have a good chance at replacing a minimum of four, and if he replaced those latter two, Scalia and Thomas, it would be an unforgivable shame. I highly doubt those pussies in the Senate would put up the fight that their ‘rat counterparts would if circumstances were reversed.

      I have been on your side of the fence, perhaps even taking it further by suggesting we need this fight. For example often saying okay, DingleBarry replaces the lot of them, they push a crazy Chicago-style firearms bill into the courts and they reverse the 5-4 Heller decision and the local ‘rat governments begin their fascist gun acts. Within a decade the blood will begin to be shed as rural America has had enough of the city bureaucrats.

      Yes, there is a large piece of me that says this fight must happen, and I would sincerely like to still be alive to help stamp out these domestic enemies once and for all. But there is also a logical argument that even in a battle there still needs to be some semblance of Constitutionality in the form of a Court that can affirm firearms ownership ( even though we all know they are self-evident, God-given and non-negotiable ). In other words, in such a battle we do not want our enemy fighting under the illusion of Constitutionality because of a boneheaded decision reminiscent of Plessy v. Ferguson. It would be the same thing as supplying them with ammunition, and the Patriots do not need a two-front war.

      I know the Supreme Court argument has been tossed at us many times over the years, but I ask you to look at those ages of the Justices again and reconsider. This time it is for real.

    • Lynn Clark says:

      Please watch this

      Then go vote for Romney/Ryan. Seriously.

    • Good. People like you should not vote. The inability to deal with reality really limits how much participation the rest of us want you to have in our government. Yes, OUR government. If you don’t vote, it’s not your government. Thank for not participating.

    • rw says:

      If only, if only …

      (I’ll bet there were Germans who said that in the early 30’s.)

  13. physicist says:

    11:12 pm EST Ohio called for Obama, 275 electoral votes, see you in 2024.

  14. With no rational thought and only thieving parasitic behavior left, there is no chance for science or anything else to suceed. Enjoy your dark, hungary, penniless lives. I am ashamed I am an American.

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