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Your First Carbon Tax Is Always The One You Remember

h/t to Bruce

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Climate Quiz : Find The Footprint

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Crack scientists are spending billions of dollars studying methods to isolate the man made temperature footprint from the natural temperature footprint. Can you help them? What percentage of the 0.0C change in temperature over the sixteen years … Continue reading


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Lame Duck Obama To Don Native Hawaiian Garb At 2013 Inauguration

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1952 Shock News : Melting Glaciers To Drown Coastal Cities

Melting Ice May Swamp Seaports CLEVELAND. February 18.— Dr. William S. Carlson, an Arctic expert, said last night that polar ice caps were melting at an astonishing and unexplained rate, and threatening to swamp seaports by raising ocean levels. “The glaciers of Norway and Alaska are … Continue reading

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Obama Is A Thing Of The Past

Mitt Romney said that he expected a “very solid win” tonight, extending his campaign into the final hours of voting in order to make an eleventh-hour play for the swing state support that he still believes can push him into … Continue reading

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Remember To Vote Against Climate Change

Old TV shows and movies remind us that the weather always used to be pleasant (except for that twister in Kansas which bumped Dorothy on the head, and an occasional typhoon on Gilligan’s Island.) Vote to return to the nice weather from the past. … Continue reading

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Proposal To End Voting Fraud

I propose that the AGU ethics officer, Peter Gleick, be placed in charge of balloting oversight. He has experience with document forgery, and should be able to spot a bad ballot. They look like this.

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Romney Sums Up Obama’s Energy Policy

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Polar Bears Lobbying For Higher Taxes

Polar Bears understand that they will all drown unless Americans pay higher taxes.

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Katherine Hayhoe Awarded The Nobel Prize For Environmental Evangelism

Katharine Hayhoe is an evangelical environmentalist who has experienced her share of opposition. A Nobel Prize winning atmospheric scientist who co-authored “A Climate for Change” with her preacher husband Andrew Farley, Ms. Hayhoe found, to her dismay, that Newt Gingrich … Continue reading

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