Remember To Vote Against Climate Change

Old TV shows and movies remind us that the weather always used to be pleasant (except for that twister in Kansas which bumped Dorothy on the head, and an occasional typhoon on Gilligan’s Island.)

Vote to return to the nice weather from the past. Only taxes can prevent bad weather.

I think it might also have been hot in Cool Hand Luke.

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2 Responses to Remember To Vote Against Climate Change

  1. Lance says:

    I can eat 50 eggs!!! this was a great movie!!

  2. What about that old film (I think it was a silent, “Way Down East”) where the woman is fleeing over the frozen river with her baby in a raging snowstorm, and the ice is breaking up? That wasn’t pleasant. Neither was the sudden mountain snow storm that stranded that party in the 1950’s documentary, “The Abominable Snowman” (with Forest Tucker), and of course the monster caught up with them in the shrieking darkness. Which reminds me also of the disastrous weather in “The Thing” (any version). Or the “Twilight Zone” episode where this woman is going crazy from the heat, due to the Earth falling into the Sun, and then she wakes up to find it’s icy cold instead…

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