97% Of Electoral Votes Support Romney

** The 97% includes the dead Democratic voters isostatic adjustment, some of whom vote multiple times.

Election Night | Elections | Politics | Fox News


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8 Responses to 97% Of Electoral Votes Support Romney

  1. lindasduby says:

    This tells you how many MORONS are in America

  2. slimething says:

    It looks like Obama has it won by my count. 9:35 PM

  3. David Appell says:


  4. dr furst dunaharm says:

    Wards of the state all over amerika are extremely happy today. More free money.

    Maybe us working people (government workers excluded) should take a cue from Atlas and “shrug”.

    • squid2112 says:

      At some point, that is exactly what will happen.

      Further, you can expect an ever decreasing charitable contribution, which in turn is very destructive to the very fiber and core of our society. Charity is not something you can force upon others through “redistribution”. It will always fail!

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