America’s First Openly Racist Election

Obama won by a few tens of thousands of votes in key states. He got 92% of the black vote – primarily because of the color of his skin.

Liberals around the world are joyfully celebrating racism in the US tonight.


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35 Responses to America’s First Openly Racist Election

  1. Mike Mangan says:

    Now the really bad stuff begins. I suggest stocking up on food and ammunition. You know when the government money runs out they’re coming after your stuff. The looters have won.

  2. Mike F. says:

    That analysis this correct. Examine the Electoral Map by county in each “swing state.” Hell, the whole Country. Anyways, every county with a high “urban” population voted Obama, while the majority of the same state voted Romney. Sad!

  3. Chilli says:

    Very disappointing. I guess things aren’t bad enough yet to dislodge the incumbent – and the evidence of a slow recovery probably convinced people to give him another 4 years rather than admit they were wrong to elect him last time. Sure, a few dumb comments on abortion by certain Republicans didn’t help with the women’s vote. Neither did Christie gifting Obama that cross-party photo-op in the aftermath of Sandy. Anyway, the battle continues – I sense the alarmists are on the run on the global warming issue – largely thanks to the work of bloggers like our good host. Keep up good work Steven!

  4. Raindog says:

    Look at the distribution of Blacks in America. The 5 states with the highest % Black population voted Romney.

    • Blacks voted 92% for Obama. Is there something about that statistic that isn’t clear to you?

      • Raindog says:

        Yes. It’s that the only difference it made in the election was that Obama won the popular vote as well as the electoral college. 12% of the population is black, 70% of which live in states that voted for Romney. Which pretty much means that the black vote had very little to do with Obama’s victory. We can expect about a 60-65% turnout of black voters and we can further expect around 85% of them to vote Democrat regardless of the skin color of the candidate. Racism likely is not what lead to a victory so much as poverty and poor peoples inability to associate with the mega wealthy. Part of Bush’s 1st term success was his ability to come off as an average Joe rather than the son of an elite billionaire former president/vice president/cia director.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    It wasn’t race. It was sex. Blacks who lack a known family history can be forgiven their resentments and recent peaceful enthusiasm. Bit single women want personal instead of governmental control over their own bodies, especially now that they suddenly represent 60% of college graduates now forging careers. Minority religious extremism is a conservative vice. Obama isn’t black. He’s half white. But when he monstrously sneers about my not building that after he raids Gibson guitar company, well, we all might as well be in red man Hell. At least the weather is on the side of Reason, year after year, as Folly bares his teeth. For me, I predict lots of R&D.

  6. Ivan says:

    Looks like the turkeys have voted for an early Thanksgiving.
    “The ascent of the first black president has coincided with a steep descent in the economic fortunes of black Americans. But that hasn’t impeded their outward optimism about Obama.”

    • gofer says:

      J Jackson, Jr. got reelected while in a mental ward. What more do you need to know? Man got elected to State Legislature from Detroit that had 8 felony counts of bad checks, etc. Being a crook or crazy is a democrat selling point.

  7. Andy says:

    Didn’t the hispanics also vote for him?
    I’m guessing the main colour of republican votes was white, would that mean that if Mitt had got in that would have been racist too?

    I think Americans are savvy enough to vote on the issues not the colour, this is not 1960.

    I liked Mitt, he started off not so good but really polished up his act and became a very good candidate, would have made a good President.


  8. Andy says:

    “Women once again voted heavily for Mr Obama by a margin of 55% to 43%”

    Also a sexist election it seems


    • I always enjoy lefties inability to think rationally. Is there some part of 92% of blacks that isn`t clear?

      • Andy says:

        But I am UK conservative ? How is that lefty? Ok it is lefty compared to Michelle Malkin etc, but then again anyone left of Hitler is a commie in their books.

        Two interesting articles from Fox news

        Go to the right

        “In the end, the Republican establishment thought they had this election in the bag. They decided to play it safe with a moderate. They stuffed a candidate down the party’s throat who opportunistically had been on both sides of most issues and told people what he thought they wanted to hear, rather than what he believed.

        Recovery begins with saying goodbye to this Beltway GOP establishment. No more Romneys. No more Bushes. No more McCains”

        Go to the left

        “If our president can do this, or something like this, there is a chance we can once again be a “purple nation” — not a polarized “red” and “blue” state nation.

        President Obama can then find a broad center-left and center-right bipartisan majority Congress and actually start to solve the problems facing our country”

        I totally agree with the last view, Democarats need to go more to the centre and so do the GOP.

        Note that even Fox commentators cannot work out the right game plan, that is the problem for the Republicans in a nutshell.

      • daveburton says:

        Actually, if it was only 92%, it would not be very clear that his margin was due to racism. White Democrat candidates for President sometimes get 90% of the black vote, so 92% wouldn’t be a huge departure from that. But Obama got nearly 96% in 2008, and, from what I’ve read, he probably got close to that this year.

        From 1984 to 2004, in each Presidential election, 10-17% of black voters voted for a white Republican over a white Democrat. Since, in an election with a similar ideological divide, only 4% of blacks voted for a white Republican over a black Democrat, thats very strong evidence that between 60% and 76% of black conservatives, who otherwise would have voted for the candidate of the Party of Lincoln, are racists: they care more about the color of the candidate’s skin than about what he stands for.

        Among liberal blacks, racism is probably much worse. African Americans like Stacey Dash who have the courage to support a white Republican over a black Democrat are subjected to intense, vicious, explicitly racist attacks, from black liberals:

        Obama is a left-wing extremist, only slightly to the right of self-proclaimed socialists like Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler. A person of Obama’s ideology could not normally get elected in the United States, much less reelected after a dismally unsuccessful first term. But Obama managed it, in large part by taking cynical advantage of the fact that, although racism is now rare among whites, it is still rampant among American blacks.

        Obama ran a two-pronged, explicitly racist campaign, calling for color-blindness from whites, and demanding racial loyalty from blacks. Usually, the racist messages were delivered “back-channel,” and only to black audiences. But poor old Joe Biden gets confused a lot, and he apparently forgot that you’re not supposed to deliver the racist message to mixed audiences, and gave us all a sample:

      • LLAP says:

        @Andy: If Obama is actually serious about getting anything done (which I don’t think he is), he should look north of the border to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. For several years, the Conservatives under Harper had a minority government and had to work with the centre-left Liberal party and hard-left NDP, but he made it work. He was rewarded with a majority government in the last election, and Canada has so far survived the global economic down-turn in suprisingly good shape.

        Based on polling, 65% of Canadians would have voted for Obama yesterday. But most Canadians: (a) don’t know Obama beyond his “rock-star” appeal, and (b) don’t know how good they have it under Harper.

  9. ralphcramdo says:

    We’ll see how many people are dancing in the street when Obama Care kicks in and those supporters have to pony up $265 a month for health care insurance (average cost of health care insurance in FL), or have that $1000 tax to pay for not haveing it.

    • gofer says:

      They think it’s all free. IF you make less than 9500 a year, you are exempt, along with Muslims, Amish, Mennonites, etc. People think Obama actually is trying to save the economy. He’s pulling a Cloward/Piven stragedy. I suspect it’s only going to get much worse in the next couple years. The producers are tired of being treated with no respect and paying for the moochers and their Obamaphones.

  10. Bobby says:

    Really, I’m just confused where you finally connected the black vote to the Democratic candidate, which has been going on for decades now, and suddenly it’s racist because he can relate to their culture or can stand as personal inspiration to the young men and women of color who strive to be American leaders? Seriously dude?

    Conservative Republicans can often provide strong and swaying arguments for their party, but you only pander to your own racism and connect irrelevant facts.

    • You are an idiot and a racist. The vast majority of white people vote for the candidate based on their political views, not the color of their skin or their “culture”.

      • I think he means it’s racist to point out racism.

      • Bobby says:

        So religious values and ethnic history, such as with most European Americans, doesn’t play into a national election? You are aware that’s part of “culture” right? Which is why, just maybe, it was a big deal that JFK was Catholic? Oh wait, though, I’m sure 92% of Catholics voted for him and that must have made them intolerant toward other religions, right? You’re remarkably uneducated on this issue and feel so comfortable ranting idiotically that politics is somehow unrelated to cultural upbringing it’s pathetic. Get a clue.

      • Bobby says:

        *sigh* You really have no ability to apply logic in your argument do you? I mean, beyond the “they notice skin color therefore they are RACIST!” mindset you seem to have. Rather moronic. You said white people don’t vote based on color or culture. I showed you they do. Now you honestly want to argue that color wasn’t even a consideration for white Americans in this election? Or, are you arguing it was only people voting him *in* to office that were racist for doing so, not the millions of people who were trying to remove him from said office because of his skin color? Idiot.

        • Obama spent his childhood In Indonesia and Hawaii, attended Ivy League schools and spends most of his time playing golf at country clubs. His culture has little or nothing in common with the 92% of blacks who voted for him for his skin color.

          It is racism at its worst, and your mindless straw man arguments aren’t very interesting.

      • “You said white people don’t vote based on color or culture. I showed you they do. Now you honestly want to argue that color wasn’t even a consideration for white Americans in this election?”

        You are using a logical fallacy known as a Faulty Generalization. E.g., if any white/red/black/green person is racist, all white/red/black/green persons are racist. On the other hand, if 98% of a particular population, say, votes based on a physical characteristic of that population, then it’s not unreasonable to draw the conclusion that racism is involved. This may come as a shock but any population holds the potential for expressing racism, even if it’s one of your favoured victim groups.

      • Bobby says:

        Alright, I’m pretty much done with this. I’ll leave with a few small points. (a) Trying to attack your opponent by either misinterpreting or intentionally mislabeling their argument as fallacy is idiotic and childish. (b) Nowhere did I try saying that because some white Republicans are racist that all white Republicans are. However, aren’t all of you trying to say that because race was the primary issue for maybe 20-30 black people interviewed in certain videos that ALL 92% of blacks voted for him because of his race? Either way, I can’t prove that race wasn’t an issue for any voters who voted for him and you can’t argue that it wasn’t present in any voters against him. We’re at an impasse on that one so let’s keep it all rhetorical here.
        Now @stevengoddard, you’re a mindless buffoon. Nowhere have you given an argument beside “92% of blacks voted for Obama therefore he won because of RACISM!” It’s stupid. You know it’s stupid. About Obama’s culture though: neither of us knows the man personally nor have we asked him what his experience has been growing up mixed race. I’ll grant you the notion that because he lived in a higher society than the average African-American in his adult years he has limited connection to black culture. However, you’d be a complete idiot to try to say he has no connection to it at all. But, honestly, I didn’t expect anything less of you after this ridiculous post. Liberals may be arrogant tree-huggers with a penchant for picking fights over stupid things, but people like you make all conservatives look like they’re WAITING to be able to play the victim. Terribly sad. Have a great life folks, hope you all learn to provide more logical and reasoned arguments for yourselves than you’ve displayed here!

    • LLAP says:

      @Bobby: Let Bill Whittle, who came to convservatism later in life, explain it for you:

  11. David says:

    Bobby, if you are Black, and wish to be ostracized by your other Black friends, just speak up about being a republican. You will be “Uncle Tomed to death, just like many celebrities and public figures. Not only will the Black communitty shun you, but the entire liberal communitty will join in even more then they would if you were a white republican. That is prejudice. That is racism.

    • Bobby says:

      Well, that’s a very unfortunate circumstance. If this is your experience I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through that. Ideally, both parties would be filled with better people but it’s not the case. Democrats act crappy toward everyone who disagrees with them as much as Republicans do the same thing to people who don’t live up to their ideologies. It’s rather sad.

  12. Quietly says:

    Calling the President a monkey, that’s racist. Calling the first lady “moooshelle”, that’s ignorant, possibly racist. Pointing out the 92% of Black voters, maybe even that’s racist but I won’t assume. Point is, whether or not a person is Republican, Democrat, or Independent the attention on the President’s race is sad. I know it bothers some folks for Blacks to have any pride…but believe it or not we didn’t all stand in line to “vote on a Black man”. My parents are very much into politics, I am not (don’t take this to mean that I do not know the issues or have an informed opinion). I thought Obama was the
    better choice. If you did not, that’s fine. If
    you’re angry I get that too. But all these bloggers pointing out the 92% is sort of funny since make up such a small part of the pop. Since he got a high Hispanic vote, women, people under 40… Lol. I happen to fall in most of those categories, so go figure.

    For some reason the high number of Black voters gets the attention. Yes, this was such a racist election. Sure, pay no attention to those pesky exit polls where people of ALL
    races actually voiced their decision.

    • When did you stop beating your wife? Your comment is a classic smear tactic, indicating to me that you are a total pig.

      92% of blacks voting for Obama is a sure sign of racism. The white vote was much more evenly divided. Obama has divided America, and should be relieved of duty.

  13. Quietly says:

    Another thing “Blacks” are no more one homogenous group than “Whites” are. Trust me I’ve seen and heard many arguments over the President amongst Blacks….

    As far as Stacey Dash I don’t care who she supports. I know Essence is one of “our” mags lol but they don’t think for me, neither does Ms. Dash and I respect her (and your) political choices…

    I guess I get frustrated as a person about getting lumped into a category all the time. Some of the most negative categories. And I’m not playing victim. I have said before and I will say again, I’m not mad at white people, conservatives, or republicans. I’m not necessarily liberal or conservative just me. Yes, I’m Black, not an “uncle Tom” or a militant just me. I’m not angry, I’m not on f@cling welfare, never been to jail, college educated…and no I’m not some “anomaly”, I was not born into money. I’m not the Cosby show or boyz in the hood. Just a freaking person, just like you.

    Whew! Tangent sorry, this topic just makes me frustrated. Let’s just work together to make this country better. The best way we can, anything else is bullshit.

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