Global Warming To Kill Us All

Pension firms preparing for customers to live to 125

People born today will routinely live as long as 125 years and put huge strains on the pension industry that will threaten “poverty for millions of people”, warns the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Pension firms preparing for customers to live to 125 – Telegraph

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13 Responses to Global Warming To Kill Us All

  1. johnmcguire says:

    Whew Steven, what an ugly picture . The thought of living to 125 in the present human body is revolting . Consider the fact that those who live to one hundred now and still enjoy life are few and far between . My wife is presently burdened with careing for her elderly grandparents who are both ninty and the strain on her is heavy . It is most fortunate that there are other family members involved , one to an even heavier degree . Am I saying they shouldn’t be alive ? No , I just use this as an example of my question as to why anyone would want to live past a viable existence . I certainly wouldn’t . But then I am not afraid of my final destination . Interesting how the bible speaks of those of old living so long . They must have had great knowledge and wisdom , as they had so many years to gain it in . No , I don’t think this present earth will ever see those days again , no matter how environmentally sensitive we become .

    • Andy DC says:

      Yes, there may be such a thing as overdoing your stay on Earth. Quality of life is what is important. Just to hang around and vegetate, no thanks. If I make it that far, please pull my plug.

  2. Josualdo says:

    Fear not. Fuel poverty and winter, together with the Liverpool Care Pathway,

    will take good care of pensioners. Not before the pension industry hikes the prices, of course.

  3. cdquarles says:

    Maximum human life span is 120. It has been that way for some 4000 years.

  4. squid2112 says:

    Meanwhile, in other news:

    Post-Election Retreat: Dow Plunges 350 Points, Below 13K for First Time in 2 Months

  5. klem says:

    Um, so now the leftys are selling the fear of living too long. Wow.

    Aren’t these the same people who said our lives would be short due to global warming?

    What is it with the left, how can they live with so much fear?

    • Josualdo says:

      They’re not afraid. They know they’re lying. If they can beat others to submission or death, they’ll have the upper side.

  6. Hey Steve, you’re probably already doing it, but can your graphical analysis tools tell you what % of the USA went for Romney in terms of area? Or rural vs urban? There is clearly a “USI” (urban stupidity island” effect going on…

  7. Ah yes, we’ll live to 125 based on a simple linear extrapolation based on the previous 100 years. Did this genius consider that the 30 year extension in life span was to a substantial degree due to the fact that fewer children died before the age of 3, hence bumping up the average for the rest of the population? Given the fact that the low lying fruit has been picked is this claim based on anything more than ‘authority’ (I am an expert, I know stuff) and wishful thinking?

  8. Tony O says:

    I fear average lifespans for the “civilised” world will decrease to all the chemicals/additives etc put into our foods. The ones living to their 90s and beyond grew up on home-grown and natural foods – chooks that provided eggs for the home then provided meat when the laying stopped.
    I am 60 and many people my age suffer from conditions that did not afflict our parents. Time will tell….

    • cdquarles says:

      Ha Ha Ha. Most of the people who have made it to 60 these days made it because of ‘chemicals’ added to our food and water. The things that have allowed populations worldwide to approach the 120 year max (hard coded) life span is: 1. Sanitary sewage. 2. Treated water. 3. Vitamin supplements. 4. Global trade in food made possible by preservatives 5. Refrigeration. 6. HVAC (5 and 6 made possible by chemicals) 7. Factory farming, which allowed big cities to be sustainable, and made possible by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 8. The great decrease in infectious disease and trauma deaths made possible by mechanization of the farm, the above mentioned fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, vitamin supplementation, refined petroleum products, and cheap electricity. Time has already told us that the stone age life was short and brutal, but occasionally folk made it to 100+. Our civilized world has greatly improved your chances to make it to 60, let alone past 60. There are no new diseases, really, you die of trauma (infections are a form of trauma) or you die of old age. Our bodies have a fixed limit. I am approaching 60 myself, and nowadays there are diseases that killed my peers that no one has heard of anymore.

  9. ralphcramdo says:

    Pensions still exist these days?

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