No Hope For Change

Four years ago Obama had everything going for him politically, and he failed miserably.

This time he won the election through negativity, lies and fear – and we are stuck with him for four years.  Fear causes people to make very stupid decisions.

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21 Responses to No Hope For Change

  1. Lou says:

    I guess we are officially in Idiocracy world…

  2. Jean Croton says:

    Not his fault. . . He inherited this mess from the last POTUS . . . . Oh wait . . .

  3. Kaboom says:

    Fear of what? Romneycare?

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    Fear works. Look at the AGW farce.

  5. The people who pay for all the benefits everyone else receives don’t appear happy either…

  6. Andy DC says:

    Romney is a good man, a smart man and a kind man. What a waste. There is no rational way to explain this, other than saying that Obama actually benefitted from the bad economy. In hard times, people look to Government for assistance.

  7. Pathway says:

    Here is the crux of the biscuit. Prior to BHO 4 out of every 10 workers work for the government at some level. One worked for a non profit. So that leaves 5 works to produce for the other 5. I’m sure that figure has change over the last 4 years. And now, the 5 consumers of wealth are making more than the 5 producers. Something’s got to give and soon.

  8. NikFromNYC says:

    Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin agree with Bill Buckley (R.I.P.) that being afraid of a plant is silly. The pot legalization ballet swung Colorado by motivating those lazy hippies you so despise to VOTE. Your hateful constant busybody attack on them just cost you the election as they stood up for their civil rights. The churches of North America were too afraid of plants to accommodate their needs unlike those in South America.

    I had no idea full legalization was on the ballets of multiple states. In Obama’s second term he won’t be running to fast away from his druggie past so valid hippie fear of a Mormon had its voice heard this week. Food for thought, at least.

    • gator69 says:

      Exactly what I have been saying. Beck is a Mormon, they do not even use caffeine, and yet even he undestands it is about freedom and what actually works. If the republican party cannot evolve, it will die, if it isn’t dead already. Agendas must be replaced with the truth.

  9. Ben says:

    Hope and Change? No, deranged.
    Forward, right over the cliff.

  10. Jean Croton says:

    Why four more years?

    Impeach his lying, Benghazi Covering Up ass now.

  11. Traitor In Chief says:

    Stealing isn’t the same thing as winning

  12. In what he was wanting to accomplish he didn’t fail, no, not one bit. Everything he is doing, what looks like incompetence, are things he wants done to America. the middle class brought down to being the lower class, the rich getting the daylights taxed out of them—except for the rich that will be exempt from those taxes. Radical Muslims taking over the Middle East. Knocking America down a few, or more, notches. etc., etc., etc. That is, everything that looks like madness to us is not madness to him. These are his dreams. So to him he is not failing, not at all.

    He is living the dream! And you better buckle up for the next 4 years!

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