Obama Wins By A Landslide

Romney   41,237,592  (51%)
Obama    40,243,800  (49%)

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124 Responses to Obama Wins By A Landslide

  1. Sparks says:

    Then it’s a media fail! I cant wait to see to out come of this!

  2. David Appell says:

    It’s another projection you don’t understand….

  3. Sparks says:

    sorry Steven I forgot the sarcastic tag, I’m just fk*n with ya.

  4. sunsettommy says:

    Obama is the clear electoral vote winner and maybe even the popular vote go his way too since that 1 million 500 thousand plus lead has evaporated down to just 15,000 vote lead.

  5. sunsettommy says:

    No mandate because he is so bad at leading the nation.What we will see is the continued erosion of the nations economic health and a deteriorating foreign policy that put the scare in Ambassadors in the hot spot areas.

  6. David Appell says:

    NBC reports: Romney to concede he lost.

  7. David says:

    David Appell says:
    November 7, 2012 at 5:51 am
    NBC reports: Romney to concede he lost
    America lost, a sad day. Average income is down over 5% in the past four years. (It will get far worse) There are not five million more people employed since Dumbo took office, the participation rate is way down, but far worse, we have gone from a “hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go society”, to a “I’m owed, I’m owed, its off to the government I go” society. Even worse this man has manged to destablise the entire middle east, and to expediate the installation of the MB in Egypt. Over the next four years the movie, 2016 will become close to a reality. However, “pain is a prod to memory”, so maybe then America can begin to progress from “Dreams of Obama’s Father”, to Dreams of our founding Father’s.

      • David, you can lie to yourself all you want, but it doesn`t do anything to improve your credibility.

        On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:13 PM, Real Science

      • David Appell says:

        Facts aren’t lies.

        You people are just sad. Please, by all means, keep up the truculence, the anger, and the obstruction. You’ll get whipped even worse next time. The future is already against you.

        • It was an extremely close election which was ultimately decided by the color of Obama`s skin. Calling it a mandate is pathetic.

          On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:18 PM, Real Science

      • David Appell says:

        Excuses, excuses — keep whining. It’s a big win (and not just for POTUS — all the conservative clowns went down), and we’ll take it. It’s clear who and what the country prefers.

        A: Mandate.

        • By continuing to repeat the same lies over and over again, you further convince people that things are bad, Why are wasting your time

          On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:28 PM, Real Science

      • David Appell says:

        Really, I do hope you maintain your anger. Please, keep stomping your feet and threatening to hold your breath. It’s obviously very useful for the cause of justice and righteousness — it may not have happened without you. Thank you. Really.

      • Stephen Richards says:

        All unemployed 11.3%. 61% people in the working population in lieu of 75%. That’s how you get to 7.8% unemployed. See, easy peezy when to distort the data. Oh forgot, that’s what you spend you days doing.

      • David Appell says:

        Everyone agrees there are a lot more jobs needed and the economy isn’t what it should be. But that’s not why Romney lost. He lost because he’s a liar, and a panderer, and had no real plan to make anything better — just some numbers he spouted out, that weren’t supportable. He missed the demographic shifts in the US, he couldn’t say that women deserve equal pay, and he baldly insulted 47% of the electorate. In other words, he blew it, because he had to pander to the extreme right just to get the nomination.

  8. David says:

    Like I said, Im owed, Im owed, it off to the government I go. is Obama’s mantra…I

    In January 2009, there were 133.56 million Americans with jobs and 31.98 million on food stamps. Today, there are 133.76 million Americans with jobs and 46.68 million on food stamps. The employment rolls have thus grown by 0.15 percent and the food stamp rolls have grown by 46 percent, meaning that for every one American who found a job, 75 Americans signed up for food stamps.

    • David Appell says:

      112 M – 107 M = 5 M

      But, yes, George W Hoover ran the country into the gutter. Lots of people suffered, and lots are still suffered. But Obama stopped the damage, and things got better — and are set up now to get much better. (It’s already started.)

      • No one buys your political bullshit any more than your climate busllshit

        On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:25 PM, Real Science

      • David Appell says:

        Another intelligent response, full of facts and insight, delivered with eloquence. How *do* you do it?

        • Unemployment was 4.3% and dropping when Dems took over Congress in 2007. I’m not interested in your bullshit.

          On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:36 PM, Real Science

      • David Appell says:

        By that logic, it’s the Republican takeover of the House in 2010 that has kept the country in the shitter.

        I’m sure you’ll find some excuse to blame the problems on someone else. Anyone else.

        Like I said, please keep it up.

      • sunsettommy says:

        What political party voted in a doubled + debt ridden economic stimulus bill?

      • squid2112 says:

        Hey Appell, how many budgets, mandated by LAW, have been passed in the last 4 years? .. hmmmm?

        And don’t give me the bullshit that Republicans have obstructed any budget, it is the Senate (democrat controlled) that passes the budget. They have not done so, illegally I might add, since Obama came to office in 2009. First time in US history (except for WWII) we have operated without a budget.

      • squid2112 says:

        Appell, and by the way, Obama has submitted two budgets for vote in the Senate, neither budget got a SINGLE vote. Not one single vote!!! … what the hell does that tell you?

  9. David says:

    While only 194,000 net jobs have been created since 2009, the working age population has increased by approximately 5 million—almost 25 times that amount. In other words, a shrinking share of working age adults have or are even looking for a job. The real unemployment number (U-6), therefore, is 14.6 percent.

    To put this month’s job creation in historical perspective, in October of 1984, 286,000 jobs were created—67 percent more—at a time when the U.S. working age population was 26 percent smaller than it is today.

    Over time, these trends, if not reversed, spell economic disaster for the United States and its citizens.

  10. Well I suspect I will be able to enjoy cheap holidays and other bargains as an outsider to the US, due to continued decline in the value of the US dollar as a consequence of US economic policies. That’s good for me. It’s most likely good for Appell, as he has a government job and he thinks he is afforded some protection. (For a time he will be.) It’s a shame about everybody else living there though.

    • David Appell says:

      What govt job? I live by my wits.

      • Is that a euphemism for unemployed?

      • David Appell says:

        I’ve been happily self-employed for 14 years, with a little help from some investments. You?

      • I’ve been self employed my entire life and may retire next year as my investments no longer require me to work. (Only kidding, I like my work and don’t want to stop and end up fat and lazy.)

      • David Appell says:

        Good for you — it’s great that you’re happy in your work. That’s important.

      • I have to admit I had you pegged as an academic as you seem to like to remind everyone you come across that you’re a physicist. I didn’t realise that was a long time ago and you’ve since switched to creative writing. (But to be honest, I can’t see how journalism, writing and/or an academic post lets you save much money for investments, unless you’ve living in the basement of your mum’s home for 40 years, or you inherited. But anyway, if you have investments, good for you!)

      • David Appell says:

        I’m not a physicist, but I have a degree in physics. And I rarely tell anyone. And I did things and made money before I was a writer, and like most people, other things have gone on.

        But there aren’t any litmus tests, and it’s sad you try to score a crappy point or two by claiming I work for the government. So fucking what if I did.

      • Vince says:

        Hey David, I don’t know why you lionize Obama and demonize Bush 43, when Obamas’ presidency is essentially a continuation of his predecessors’. Don’t take my word for it (I’m sure you won’t), just do the research and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Sundance says:

        You expect readers here to believe that? We all know you’re just another pretty boy who gets by on your charm and good looks. 🙂

      • Stephen Richards says:

        In which case you must be verry poor. Where can I send the Red Cross.?

      • I would agree that anyone who is supportive of Obama and negative towards Bush has his brain switched off, as Obama’s policies have effectively been Bush’s on steroids.

  11. sunsettommy says:

    Mitt Romney was never a “conservative” at any time why promote the B.S?

  12. squid2112 says:

    Hey David,

    It looks like Obama’s win is already paying off!!! .. you can now go celebrate .. you dolt!


  13. squid2112 says:

    Already this morning (and it’s only 9:20am central)

    “As of 9:45 a.m. ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped 160 points, or 1.2%, to 13084, the S&P 500 dipped 18.2 points, or 1.3%, to 1410 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 37 points, or 1.2%, to 2975.

    Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2012/11/07/u-turn-stocks-sink-after-us-elections/#ixzz2BYCETgdb

    • David Appell says:

      European markets were down first, after the EU forecast less growth (a result, partially, of their failed conservative principle of austerity).

      • Stephen Richards says:

        Wrong again Appel. Recheck your data source it’s as crooked as your climate one and your obama one. The EU did not forecast less growth. How could it? It hasn’t grown in years. I live there. And very soon so will all americans. Let me help you understand what that means. Carbon tax at $40/tonne, Social taxes at 40% for those who earn more than $25k, income tax 5% if your are poor, 14% if you are slightly less poor, 30% for the middle class, 40% for the average earners 75% for those who earn over $800k. Heating oil at $1.40/ltr (x4.5 for an english gallon), local house tax at $2400/yr, $5000 to registre a new car over 2.5 ltres capacity, 40% tax on investment income (includes dividend real bummer when you are a pensioner) and finally healthcare at $5250 / yr plus dentistry technicals, plus seeing your doctor, plus your medecins.

        That’s where oblarny is going. That’s why the Europeans cheered when he won.

        Think on asshole. Your $1T debt will become $3T before oblarny is finally reigned in. Best of luck.

      • David Appell says:

        “Worries over the euro-zone crisis’s impact on powerhouse Germany and fiscal issues in the U.S. combined to beat the air out of European stock markets on Wednesday, overshadowing an initial relief rally after the U.S. presidential election.”

        And we very much need a carbon tax. $40/t would be a good start.

      • Stephen Richards says:

        Still got it wrong!! It was Draghi. Check the timing and the graph. Only an idiot would want a co² tax. It’s dibilitating. Destroys economies by reducing spendable income and results in loss of employment both in the private and government sectors.

      • David Appell says:

        Climate change, too, will cost a lot. A carbon tax with (income tax reductions, or refunded on an equal per capita basis) helps solve it.

      • igsy says:

        Isn’t it Climate disruption now? Anyway, whatever you call it these days, it won’t cost half as much as your policies to “solve” it.

        I note your (qualified) criticism of european conservative principles. From the eastern side of the pond, these are not words usually seen together in the same article, let alone sentence. The entire euro-project is pure dirigisme, and as such, any blame for the current problems cannot be fairly ascribed to the conservative right, who, for the most part, warned emphatically against this misguided enterprise.

        But we are where we are, and the onus on those such as yourself who criticise “failed austerity” is to answer the following conundrum: if a country doesn’t raise nearly enough money in tax to fund its state employees’ salaries, public sector “investment” projects, university climate change departments etc, and it cannot borrow from anyone in the private capital markets, where does the money come from? And if it comes from other countries’ taxpayers and/or the implicit rental of their balance sheet capabilities (as it does, whether or not through the intermediation of an official body), why should those other countries not require a minimum standard of fiscal discipline applied to the disbursed funds?

      • David Appell says:

        Simple: there is a time for savings and austerity, and a time for spending and stimulus. Times of economic stress and lowered consumer demand are a time for stimulus.

  14. squid2112 says:

    The DOW is down 234 points already this morning!!!

  15. squid2112 says:

    Two minutes later, DOW is down 244 now. It is sliding fast!

  16. squid2112 says:

    Down to -255 now… http://www.foxbusiness.com/index.html … this is going to be a VERY bad day on Wall Street .. and probably a very bad week.

  17. Stephen Richards says:

    Here’s your clue dickhead. Draghi (you know who he is) declared that Germany was falling into recession. Why? Because of it’s really stupid green policies and the cost of rescueing the rest of europe. Sadly for you, there will be no-one to rescue the USA. It will be down to you paying euro style taxes in the future, probably after the liar in chief has retired rich on your tax contributions.

  18. US citizens will be observing that any goods or services not made in the US will rise in price, which will drop the standard of living there further. This trend will last for a very long time. As productive and efficient sectors of the economy decline, the trend will accelerate. The US also does not have a political system that can deal effectively with these dilemmas. In some ways it will mirror what has happened in much of South America in the 20th century. I’m sorry for you guys. But to be honest it was never clear that Romney could have done better. (Although it’s unlikely he would have done worse.)

  19. jst1 says:

    Romney was a bad candidate. Debate which metric moved a little or a lot during this time period or that. We are further from liberty and limited government than ever before in our history. We will never get closer. That is the tragedy of this election. Electing Romney would have been slightly better, but not enough.
    Bring on the carbon tax. It is the perfect solution for a government that wants all the money it can get it’s hands on without offending the people that are being fleeced. After all, their lives are being saved. Yes, perfect.

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