Oh Ye Deniers Of Little Faith

We can no longer deny global warming’s role in creating weather patterns that generate extreme storms

Storms are stronger because of climate change and “both politicians and the public need to accept how much they’re helping cause them,” he says.

We can’t ignore climate change – The Observation Deck – timesunion.com – Albany NY

We know that storms are getting stronger, because of the record low incidence of major hurricanes and tornadoes in the US. How much more evidence could we possibly need?

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2 Responses to Oh Ye Deniers Of Little Faith

  1. johnmcguire says:

    If the issue was about evidence and facts the agw advocates would have had to shut up long ago .

  2. 10-16 years of no global data trend is too short a time period to say anything definitive about global warming, but one storm lasting several days is proof.

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