The Candy/Sandy Disasters

Two events saved Obama from getting blown out of the water.

Benghazi should have been the end of Obama’s presidency and ultimately may be, but Candy Crowley came to Obama’s rescue and ended the pre-election discussion about it.

Even so, Obama was tanking badly in the polls when Sandy hit. Sandy gave the incumbent a boost which carried him to victory.

Sandy was a natural disaster, but Candy is a man-made disaster.


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10 Responses to The Candy/Sandy Disasters

  1. Andy says:

    The main issue is domestic economic problems. If the continuing war in Afghanistan does not take centre stage Benghazi is a mere side issue in the long run to be honest.

    Republicans really screwed up Senate elections in Indiana and Missouri thanks to the tea party and the right wing of the party. The House of representatives is still looking good though from a rep. point of view. Should be an interesting next 4 years.


  2. physicist says:

    Welcome to liberal america. we just saw the last gasp of the angry white men with their dirty angry money. the party of racism, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, latinophobia, warmongering, etc., just took it in the shorts.

    gender gap: 19 points
    latino gap: 50 points
    black gap: 98 points

    50,000 latino kids turn 18 yrs old EVERY MONTH. it is no longer just white american, it is black, brown, and white america. the party that ignores that reality does so at its peril.

    this was not determined either candy or sandy, just keep wandering around in the desert of denialism where facts don’t matter, hopefully you’ll find your way out in less than the proverbial 40 years.

    and as you put together your state charts showing a lot of red, just remember our democratic principles, it’s one person one vote, not one county one vote.

    • Lefties attempts to dismiss 80% of the land area of the country will only increase anger and divisiveness. If Obama had an ounce of brains he would attempt to reach out instead of pretending that he doesn’t see the massive division which he has created. You people are Marie Antoinette stupid.

      • physicist says:

        Per usual you remain with your head firmly implanted in the Alberta oil sands, or somewhere else that the light don’t shine.

        reach out? he first reached out in his acceptance speech in 2008 when he said he wan’t going to pursue Bush for all his crimes.

        ever heard of Mitch McConnell? ever heard of over 300 senate filibusters? ever heard of these tea party nut cases? ever heard of all these right wing bozos saying ‘our way or the highway’?

        he won the election in 2008, then these/you republicans suddenly think he should do things their/your way?

  3. gator69 says:

    The main issue is our public school system that teaches kids what to think instead of how. It is the cruelest form of non violent child abuse. Progressive FDR said his ideal of a public school system would be one that stopped educating in the classical sense, and produced a “compliant” workforce. It is how the progressives pushed through prohibition. Wilson was another big contributor to the decline and was a fan of eugenics, central planning. We see it here everyday with trolls who cannot reason their way out of a hemp bag.

    Compliant workforces do not ask questions, they just go along to get along, feeding on their MSM pablum, cakes and circuses…

  4. The main issue is that the Right and the Left have been in political war — as I tend to see it (because of my age and personal experience), since the good feelings following the end of World War II increasingly wore off among the general electorate — the tipping point might even have been the election or the re-election of Ronald Reagan, who has become a hallowed figure to Republicans but has never been accepted as such by Democrats. Obama is a new tipping point, and an even more divisive figure (although to the Left, the re-election of Bush, I’m sure, seemed an unacceptable, critical point in our country’s history). Revenge is the word that comes to mind…and it is a two-edged dish — an eye for an eye, one after another, until no one has eyes — and best served cold, so look out for the next 30 years, and what is likely to happen at the end of that time.

    But I honestly thought the polls were wrong, and Romney would win easily, based upon the obvious lack of character and leadership ability continually shown by Obama.

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