Winter That Wasn’t Update

Last winter had little snow in the Eastern US due to missing Arctic ice. This autumn, missing Arctic ice is causing record snow.

The CO2/missing Arctic ice coupling is a powerful  combination which can cause excess, deficient or normal snowfall – depending on what a rent seeking scientist is currently hoping to prove.

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6 Responses to Winter That Wasn’t Update

  1. Billy Liar says:

    The consolation is that this anxiety to blame any and all weather on global warming is making the warmers look progressively more stupid (if that’s possible).

  2. Andrew says:

    Next they’ll start naming the clouds. . . raindrops? . . . snowflakes?

  3. Chuck L says:

    Stupid Weather Channel, and I’m sure the MSM will adopt these names and give the Weather Channel credibility, despite the waste of bandwidth that they have become.

  4. Lynn Clark says:

    Last winter in Alaska was the most severe in decades. Discovery Channel is running a couple series about people who live there out in the hinterlands (“Yukon Men” and “Alaska: The Last Frontier”). In one or both series, the narrator frequently makes reference to the fact that last winter was the most severe in decades. I guess the producers didn’t get the memo about global warming.

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