Massive Defense Layoffs Coming

I just got off the phone with a recruiter who says that 300,000 layoffs are coming imminently to defense contractors. Obama gave them a waiver to not give notice until after the election.

An administration that doesn’t want layoff notices required by law going out days before the November election is telling defense contractors they don’t have to send them for the cuts required by sequestration.

As the heads of major defense contractors Lockheed Martin, EADS North America, Pratt & Whitney and Williams-Pyro testified recently before the House Armed Services Committee, they are bound by law to give employees 60 days’ notice if their jobs are going to be terminated as a result of sequestration cuts scheduled for Jan. 2.

Federal law under the WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice) Act required employers to give workers a minimum of 60 days notice before potential mass layoffs.

That means layoff warning notices could go out to hundreds of thousands of workers just days before the presidential election, a prospect President Obama and his administration do not relish.

Labor Dept. Waives 60-Day Notice To Help Obama Win

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12 Responses to Massive Defense Layoffs Coming

  1. gator69 says:

    And next it will be the ancillary businesses…

  2. Trip says:

    The scenario cuts both ways. Can you prove to me the layoffs weren’t planned by the big defense guys in order to shake the ground under the President?

    I worked for several of the CONtractors listed in the source article. Big repugnicans all. I would not put this move past them. The President, however, isn’t responsible for these layoffs, it’s all down to two things: Rumsfeld’s new model army and the F-35. The Joint Strike Fighter is a colossal waste and an embarrassment on a global scale. Too bad it’s workaday mouse-pushers who get the shaft, not their bosses or employers who should be doing time.

  3. Owen says:

    The people who voted for that fool Obama are going to regret their decision. The only people who I will feel sorry for are the ones who never voted for him and have to suffer from his stupidity. If you voted for Obama and have lost your job, you only have yourself to blame, dumbass.

    • johnmcguire says:

      I don’t think the people who voted for the zero will ever regret their decision as they voted for the free ride for as long as it lasts and if reality ever kicks them in the ass they still will not blame themselves .

  4. Andy says:

    What a load of rubbish

    “Some $500 billion in defense-spending reductions are scheduled to kick in beginning Jan. 2.

    These cuts come on top of $487 billion in Defense Department cuts recently approved and threaten to not only to put our national security in jeopardy but also gut the skilled workforce in the aerospace industry.”

    That adds up to 1 trillion in defence cuts in the next 1-2 months

    Yeah right. Stop scaremongering. Never going to happen, who pays these numpties money to type baloney?

    Why not make it 10 trillion dollars so Dr Evil can even be impressed.



  5. Eric Simpson says:

    We’re going off various cliffs now, as we also apparently head headlong into Obamacare’s nightmarish implementation. We thought this election would be different that ’08. Something is funny about it, like there’s fraud, and O has screwed and is screwing everything up, but one thing we should have known, O got elected last time despite his 20 year “God Damn America!” preacher, so why would this time any different? The libs and the minorities don’t care. As long as they get their “revenge.” And these military cuts could leave us decimated as a nation, as the world’s disorder comes knocking at our door, and we won’t be prepared to answer that door. Duck and cover.

  6. Andy DC says:

    I think the Republicans will give in and make a deal with Obama. They don’t want to be blamed for a recession or worse. The media will make sure of that if there is no deal. There will probably be a recession by 2014 anyhow, in which case the Republicans will win big gains in Congress by just staying out of the way.

  7. Drewski says:

    This puts the debt into a different context:
    $1 dollar counted every second would take 11.57 days to count to 1 million dollars. $1 billion would take over 31 YEARS and the current debt of 16 trillion would take FIVE THOUSAND CENTURIES of seconds to count.

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