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Obama To Part The Seas In His Second Term

Obama failed to stop Hurricane Sandy during his first term, but he hints that he will try to do better during his second term. Barack Obama stokes expectations of climate change action in second term Hopes rise among green campaigners … Continue reading

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California Sees Immediate Benefits From The Election

Boeing announced a major restructuring of its defense division on Wednesday that will cut 30 percent of management jobs from 2010 levels, close facilities in California and consolidate several business units to cut costs. Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense … Continue reading

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McKitten Invents The Sustainable Bus

Climate change warrior McKibben takes activism on the road Bill McKibben plans to travel the country in a sustainable-fuel bus, asking public institutions to divest portfolios of dirty energy holdings — and encourage more civil disobedience against those companies. Climate … Continue reading

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Lucky Obama : He No Longer Has To Worry About What Americans Think

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Obama’s Election Already Benefiting The US Economy

Shares of Smith & Wesson (NAS: SWHC) were up 10% today after President Obama’s re-election, because everyone now expects gun buyers to buy even more guns over the next four years than they did in his first four years. Why … Continue reading

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Republicans Should Have Nominated A Latino

LA Times says that minorities against racism vote based on the color of a persons skin, so the GOP must make sure and pick a black/hispanic/gay/bi/lesbian/transexual/pro-abortion/anti-CO2 ticket in 2016. Republican strategists worry that Tuesday’s election results indicates the GOP has a “demographic … Continue reading

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Romney Should Be Ashamed Of Himself For Wanting To Help Families

Romney’s Global Warming Joke Should Haunt Him When Gov. Romney gave his acceptance speech at the Republican convention he quipped that President Obama wants to slow the rise of the oceans and that he, by contrast, wanted to help American … Continue reading

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Michael Moore Thanks Chris Christie And Hurricane Sandy For Getting Obama Elected

  Thank you Governor Christie for your new bromance with Obama. You know, you really didn’t have to!  And you, Mother Nature, with all your horrific damage, death and destruction you caused last week Morning in America | MichaelMoore.com

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NASA Prophet Hansen Predicted The 1900 Galveston Hurricane – In 1988

NASA scientist James Hansen has been denounced for simply speaking the truth to Congress in June 1988.  …. Out of concern for his children and grandchildren, the scholarly grandfather wrote “Storms Of My Grandchildren.” Hansen’s book is 20th century prophecy. … Continue reading

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The Effects Of Global Warming On East Coast Snowfall

Earlier this year, a lack of snow and cold in the east was due to global warming An early “March summer” in Canada and the United States with record high temperatures may be a symptom of global warming, researchers said. Record-breaking … Continue reading

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