Why I Hate Man U

Rooney gets to the where the ball was three seconds late, and trips over a Braga defender’s legs. The referee gives Rooney the winning penalty kick.

Does Man U ever win a match without their twelfth man on the pitch?


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3 Responses to Why I Hate Man U

  1. Mkenya Dauti says:

    Braga was also outside the penalty spot. Wat say you?

  2. Sucker socks. Sorry — signed, the entire civilized Universe (well, if Don Rickles said this, you would think it was funny)

  3. Wish I’d held on to it – someone did an analysis of how refs have helped them this season, and it is extraordinary. Don’t worry tho’ – as soon as United meet a club in the CL that we have all heard of they’ll be gone. Real, Dortmund or Barca (pace last night’s fantastic performance by Celtic) will dispatch them with ease.

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