David Suzuki Reminds Us That Having Enough Gasoline Is Evil

New York City and Long Island Impose Odd-Even Gas Rationing – NYTimes.com

David wants to liberate these people by making gasoline even less available and more expensive.

I am a scientist and I take great umbrage at being sent such a load of crap from a bullshit shill organization for the oil industry. You are the most anti-science group I can imagine.

David Suzuki.

Polite Discourse with Professional Climate Alarmist David Suzuki

h/t to Tom Nelson

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14 Responses to David Suzuki Reminds Us That Having Enough Gasoline Is Evil

  1. Me says:

    He is more activist than scientist and that is no bull but he is the other part, all shit….. 😆

  2. philjourdan says:

    Maybe he can eliminate all mail when he becomes emperor of a dying planet?

  3. David Suzuki receives funding from petroleum companies.

  4. lemon says:

    Note: the address this is sent from is for the “David Suzuki Foundation” This is interesting because he “officially” has no affiliation with the Foundation (although his wife is the Chair and Daughter the CEO) because it is a registered Charity and as such is prohibited from acting as a lobbyist. He is worried that he will need to pay taxes on donations (which he should – it is a lobby organization like the WWF) and is afraid of an audit by canada revenue.

  5. Kaboom says:

    Amusing considering he has made a career out of lying to the people in return for donations. One can’t imagine anything quite as anti-science as that.

  6. He’s alright, Jack.

  7. leftinbrooklyn says:

    We’re all emotional beings. But, given the nature of their field, I hold scientists to a higher degree of rationality than other beings. Real scientists understand this and manage to maintain that higher degree. The others write responses like Suzuki’s. And tweets like McKibben.

    His own words reveal how his emotion overcomes his rationality. Which then makes it impossible for him to not corrupt his science.

  8. Lance says:

    Put this guy out to pasture…or better yet, to Italy…

  9. sookooki says:

    He has a multimillion dollar house in exclusive Kitsilano, a compound on Quadra Island in the Queen Charlotte Islands and a house in northern BC.

    He supposedly resigned to avoid Revenue Canada audits against lobbying in a charity:

    He did a national tour a couple of years ago – in a diesel bus. A couple of weeks ago in his propaganda hour on CBC he explained how the earth was gonna flip on its access because of the loss of “magnetic particles”.

    His foundation – which may not do lobbying is significantly funded by US “foundations” http://fairquestions.typepad.com/rethink_campaigns/28-usa-grants-to-dsf-for-more-than-100-thousand.html

    And when John Oakley interviewed him on CFRB a few years ago he stated that he received no funds from oil companies. Oakley started reading out a list and Suzuki yelled at him and walked out.

    Last but not least – who is the Suzuki Foundations PR firm? Hoggan Communications who produces Desmog Blog. Think any of the Foundation $ goes to produce this?

  10. Me says:

    スズキは、極端にバカ umbrage を得た. 😆

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