Greenland Meltdown Update

At -58F, most golfers are keeping warm in the clubhouse today.

Winter starts in a few weeks, and then the cold weather will arrive.


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4 Responses to Greenland Meltdown Update

  1. Lance says:

    woosy golfers…get your butt outside and finish the putt…

  2. Andy DC says:

    Any idiot can see that the melting is unprecedented!

  3. william says:

    Here melting in is awful but what melting if there any melting its local due to the global warming camp at golfers paradise in Greenland its all that shit and air and can someone tell them to put a few flood lights we bit of all dark gulf remember to check you carbon foot print f**k it must be huge aww thats right to much hot air through there lies and falsifying Sat data anyone who is foolish to believe it should go play the new Greenland gulf course watch you don’t slip and break your neck

    The global warming only was a part of a natural trend nature rules us not us rules her she power force to creat warm and cold climates wake up and get your head examined Steven I can’t blame you on telling these ass whole’s the truth but there greedy in politics and money they not listen because they might as well get f**ked by satin Steven keep up the good work

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