US Economy : The New Normal

For two months before the election, the MSM kept telling us how great the economy was doing under Obama. By pure coincidence, since election day a seemingly endless stream of bad economic news has come forward.   Tyler Star News   Citizens Voice   Business Insider   Anniston Star   WTOV ^        Minnesotta     Public Radio      Star Telegram     KPCC       Desert News       Chicago Business     Daily Herald   Oregon Live  Gateway Pundit

h/t to Dave G

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7 Responses to US Economy : The New Normal

  1. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Yep. The real threat is not the ‘Obamas’ of the world. We know they are against what we were intended to be. The real threat is the Enablers of the ‘Obamas’–the free press in this case— who were meant to be defenders of what we were intended to be.

    • groovyman67 says:

      Yes, I hadn’t heard the term ‘fiscal cliff’ before the election. The day after it’s everywhere. I’m fairly certian talk of a ‘fiscal cliff’ wouldn’t have benefited the re-crowning of the sovereign one.

      I’m hoping maybe they won’t be so nice to him now, but more than likely it’s all a set up to blame Boehner and the House or a 57th scapegoat.

  2. tckev says:

    Forth estate or fifth column?

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      Seems like that now depends on what ‘uniform’ (skin-color) that a candidate wears. When impartiality is done, Liberty is also.

  3. Let me guess, Obama could fix this if it wasn’t for those evil Republicans… 😉

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