Players Other Than Steven Fletcher Who Have Scored For Sunderland This Year

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[ROFL Adam Johnson scored right after I made this post]

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8 Responses to Players Other Than Steven Fletcher Who Have Scored For Sunderland This Year

  1. jeremyp99 says:

    And now they are 2-1 down. Johnno not making much of a mark there; when he’s good he’s very very good, but he’s lazy. Doesn’t track back enough. Watch Silva during a game, and note how often he is back defending. Do the same with AJ, and he only does it when told to!

    Thought MON would do better at Sunderland. They must be crap, as he can usually make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  2. jeremyp99 says:

    By the way, I watch all my footy free on the internet (we don’t have a TV). If you need any links, let me know. Watching Arsenal v Fulham at the moment – two comedy defences. Lots of comedy defences this season, including City’s – regardless, we have the second best defence in the League, so it can’t be that bad; our real problem is that we are not scoring like we did last season – 50% less goals than at the same point last season. It’ll happen sooner or later. When people tell me City should be doing this, that or the other, I tell ’em – above my desk is a ticket to a football match. May 1999. Gillingham v Manchester City, Wembley, Division 2 (3, in reality) Play Off Final. How can I not be happy with where we are now, with that constant football memento mori in sight? 🙂

    Apologies to all American readers.

    And for the same – Neat timing on the Petraeus resignation. I gather now he will NOT testify at the Benghazi enquiry. How does that work?

  3. jeremyp99 says:

    These are the sites I

    Tykes TV –
    MyPremium.TV –
    SPORTS channels (Sky, etc.) –
    Time4TV – – has all the UK terrestrial channels. Some may block content by location, and you then use the links above to find what you want!

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