Prince Charles Ups The Tipping Point

Leading scientists James Hansen and Prince Charles duel over the tipping point.

Charles says that we are over 400 ppm, and that 450 ppm is the tipping point.

‘Already levels of CO2 have exceeded 400 parts per million; 450 parts per million is the tipping point we have to avoid so every day of delay threatens to make the change more dramatic.’

Prince Charles warns of the ‘catastrophic’ impact of climate change | Mail Online

Hansen says that 350 PPM CO2 is the tipping point, and that Prince Charles’ 450 ppm would cause 60-80 metres of sea level rise.

Get back to 350 ppm or risk an ice-free planet | Grist

Jim is one of the few scientists who speaks strongly about climate change and has released papers that shows the situation to be much worse than is suggested by the IPCC reports. For example, he recently showed that sea level rise could be as much as 4-5m by the end of the century rather than below 1m maximum as proposed by the IPCC. His most recent work has been released as a draft paper at Columbia University and is titled “Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?” (Hansen 2008a). This paper has numerous critical findings including that we already have an additional 2 degrees temperature warming built into the system, not 0.6 degrees as commonly reported, and that 450 ppm CO2 is enough to trigger a 60-80m sea level rise.

Target 300

Jim and Charles should sit down at Hansen’s underwater office in Manhattan and work this out. Or perhaps they could travel to New Guinea and study how CO2 affects breast size.

Prince Charles and Camilla begin Jubilee tour in Papua New Guinea – Telegraph


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7 Responses to Prince Charles Ups The Tipping Point

  1. Andy DC says:

    Prince Charles’ brain rot reached a tipping point long ago.

  2. Pathway says:

    What would you expect from all those years of inbreeding.

  3. tckev says:

    Prince Charles knows its true as he asked the flowers and the flowers told him.

  4. maguro says:

    Nice picture, if only Chuck and Camilla weren’t in it….

  5. Shooter says:

    Britain was always the madhouse of Europe.

  6. I doubt Nature cares whether we round arbitrary figures to 50 or 100, and doubt whether Nature cares about our decimal system or how we count something in arbitrary parts per whatever..

    I recommend anyone believing they can control the weather to be blamed and burned at the stake for all disasters. This appears to be the 13th century I landed in, isn’t it..?

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