Petraeus Big Mistake

Obama was bragging last week about how he had sexually liberated the army for gays, so apparently Obama’s indignation about Petraeus is related to the fact that he was having sex with a woman.

Democrats believe that heterosexual fornication is rightful cause for immediate termination.


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3 Responses to Petraeus Big Mistake

  1. Ivan says:

    It’s fairly simple, actually.
    #1 – Imagine how lousy you’d feel if something as butt-ugly as Julia kept making an obvious play for you.
    #2 – With that in mind, imagine how jealous he must be that Petraeus (a real man of action) gets to shag something that’s a whole lot more impressive than what he gets (on either count).

  2. Andy OZ says:

    Each time I see these photos, I get a bit nauseous. Maybe the big O is into ranga’s. (Aussie slang for red heads)

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