Adultery Now Illegal For People In The Army

Hopefully this also applies to the commander in chief.

Jimmy Carter would be the only Democratic president out of the brig.


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7 Responses to Adultery Now Illegal For People In The Army

  1. What about sex before marriage? is that legal?

  2. ralph says:

    Of course it doesn’t matter if Congressmen, Senators or Presidents have affairs. They don’t know anything of importance, only service personal have first knowledge of “stuff” that would hurt the country.

  3. Randall_G says:

    Adultery has always been illegal for the US military under Article 134 of the Manuals for Courts-Martial. PDF versions are available online. The key elements are “That, under the circumstances, the conduct ….. was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces”. It is not the act so much as the effects of the act on military.

    Will: Sex before marriage isn’t illegal, but catching an STD is. Living with a girlfriend or boyfriend is “wrongful cohabitation” if it, again, is prejudicial to good order and discipline of the armed forces. You can do it, but if it causes problems, you can get charged.

    • savebyj says:

      Randall is right. The timing of the charges against Petraeus is suspicious to say the least. Having said that, what he did was a serious breach of security (no matter what President Obama says) and dangerous. He was definitely black mail material during this time. The military and CIA has always demanded a higher code of conduct from its soldiers and considering what our job was, rightfully so.

      • cdquarles says:

        I also think that the General did the honorable thing here, even if the timing stinks. Come on Hillary, come on Holder, come on Geithner, and all of the rest of ya. Do the right thing. Resign. You too, Pres. Obama and vp Biden. Do the right thing and resign. Do it today. /sarc for everything but the first sentence.

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