If The Temperature Refuses To Rise, Just Cheat

  1. Cool the past, warm the present
  2. Tell the public that the weather used to be better in the past
  3. Tell the public that giving up their freedom and money will make the weather better
  4. Steal as much money as you can from the public, and tell them it is for their own good
  5. Educate a generation of mindless complicit drones

This message was conceived of and approved by the US government.


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8 Responses to If The Temperature Refuses To Rise, Just Cheat

  1. Andy DC says:

    Even the worst dictators, like Hilter and Stalin never promised better weather. That was too crazy for even them.

  2. roscomac says:

    “This message was conceived of and approved by the US government.”

    – AND aided and abetted by mindless acolytes like the “Yes” men (and women) found frequenting sites like SkepticalScience.

    They are so lacking in confidence of their opinion and “science” that they have to delete any post which logically casts doubt on their faith whilst the remainder close in in a manner reminiscent of the days of the Nazi Brown Shirts.

    (for example they claim the temperature on the Moon drops hundreds of degrees in a few hours while real data suggest the rate is in the order of one K per hour – looks like they forgot the lunar night is 354 Earth hours long not 12)

    Deleting contrary information and character assasination – sounds like the good old days of the Third Reich to me – the Internet Age equivalent of book burnings and the good old fashioned method of eliminating any who refuse to “Seig Heil” at the altar – send ’em to the camps.

    Why are they so afraid of a difference of opinion ?

    Who are the REAL deniers – I will always be prepared to discuss and argue – and civilly I might add but these cowards/thugs/bullies are not.

    And if I am shown to be spruijing nonsense I will admit it unlike SkepticalScience which allowed a comment like – A blackbody would decrease to – 110 almost instantaneously.

    Perhaps that explains all those blotches of light that Astronomers mistook for stars – its really the flashes from blackbodies instantaneously cooling – they let this stand but delete a comment that the moon cools 170 K in about 170 hours – a real observation.

    • Take your mindless straw men someplace else, moron.

      • roscomac says:

        What mindless strawmen are you referring to ?

        I used to enjoy visiting this site.

        What have I done to offend with the above ?

        I simply called SkepticalScience out on their practices of abuse and deleting comments which may cast doubt on their sacred beliefs.

        Saying something stupid like a blackbody would decrease to minus 110 almost instantaneously is as ignorant as anything you highlight – there is no evidence to support such a stupid claim – and sarcasm about that claim is valid – or does one have to explicitly spell out sarcasm ?

        Do you really want me to leave – just say so and consider it done – I don’t wish to go where free exchange of views in a civil manner is not welcome.

  3. dr furst dunaharm says:

    You left out step 6….

    6. When the crisis fails to occur – take credit for your previous actions having ended it.

  4. dr furst dunaharm says:

    Roscomac – your posts have a lot of words, so I’m sure you’re very smart.

    Unfortunately, they lack the coherence to actually make a point.

    • Rosco says:

      I can waffle on – I agree.

      Interestingly SkepticalScience are so sure of their science – religion ? – they have blocked my IP address from connecting to their site.

      I get an “unable to connect to site” error message.

      When I use a proxy server I can connect – I think that is evidence of the extremist attitudes of their moderators.

      Now that is amazing – they delete posts that may have validity and question their statements, they leave out of context fragments that sound ridiculous behind so the pack can insult and make outlandish claims –

      BUT they do not have the courage of their convictions to put their money where their mouth is and defend themselves with reasoned argument.

      I cannot believe they have banned my IP – they could simply delete my login.

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