Morning Invocation

In Genesis 6:1 we were warned that man’s wickedness would bring a great flood to the Earth, and it has happened.

Keeler: The planet’s speaking — and it’s angry

People: This is your planet speaking: Listen up!

That’s what I feel like screaming as I navigate my way through the aftereffects of Sandy and the nor’easter. The impact on my family — a couple of downed trees, five days without power, a second power loss, and a wary eye on the gasoline gauge — has been negligible compared with what others are suffering: homes destroyed, businesses without products to sell or customers able to buy them, elderly people huddled in the dark and cold, raw sewage backing up into the road and down into basements in Baldwin and cascading into Reynolds Channel from Nassau County’s Bay Park treatment plant.

The other primal scream running through my mind is a message to Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the chief climate change denier in the United States Senate: “Hey, senator, how about buying a house on the South Shore of Long Island?”

The planet’s speaking — and it’s angry – Bob Keeler

The deniers’ unbelief has brought us the great flood. Woe unto thee who deny Mann’s wickedness and believe in the MWP.


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5 Responses to Morning Invocation

  1. I no longer know how to beat back such childish nonsense — people (including 97% of all “climate scientists”, or all academics, and all of our suborned authoritative institutions, don’t forget) are not responding to logic or easily-verified real world observations. It is a mob mentality, only without the mob (except the people who voted for Obama may be properly called a mob, blinded by their devotion to a glittering lie).

  2. kirkmyers says:

    The phrase “climate change denier” is worse than nonsense. No AGW skeptic believes that the climate doesn’t change; it’s been changing for billions of years. What we contest is the foolish and as-yet unproven theory that human fossil fuel emissions are warming the planet, a grand fairy tale concocted by scientists, politicians, alternative-energy companies and would-be carbon traders who stand to make big bucks off the AGW scam.

    The last thing the end-of-days peddling scientists want is to see is their “climate change” research grants dry up. They will continue to rip off taxpayers and make fools of themselves until their fraud is exposed and they are ridden out of academia.

  3. gator69 says:

    Remember, it’s not just “man’s” wickedness, it is “white man’s” wickedness, and that’s why we had to reelect that guy from Kansas, or whatever.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Unfortunately, 2011 tornadoes, the warm winter, the dericho, the drought and Sandy, plus incessant brainwashing from the media have made true believers out of many people. They have not taken the time like us to actually study past weather and realize that none of this is anything new. The real fact of the matter as we had a long spell of unusually placid weather and we were due for all of the above.

  5. leftinbrooklyn says:

    ‘That’s what I feel like screaming…’
    ‘The other primal scream running through my mind…’

    But see, Bob, science doesn’t do ‘screaming.’ Hysterical, unfounded emotion does. Focus on logical rationality, unbiased from emotion , and you’ll see that it was silly to scream.

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