Nothing New Under The Sun

Primitive, simple-minded people have always believed that bad weather was punishment for the behavior of man. These same people have always been guided by wise men who claim to have an insight into the forces which cause bad weather.

The current crop of primitive simple-minded people believe that they are smarter than previous generations of primitive simple-minded people, because they have computer models which can generate prophecy billions of time faster than ancient simple-minded people.


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3 Responses to Nothing New Under The Sun

  1. miked1947 says:

    It is still GIGO and following the latest FAD!

  2. gator69 says:

    Nothing new? Have you checked GISS temp records for the 1930’s, this week? 😉

    • Andy DC says:

      You have to remember that the adjustments have been pal reviewed by 97% of climate scientists feeding at the trough and various “save the planet” advocacy groups and thus are beyond reproach.

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