Colorado Skiing Devastation Continues

Shortened ski seasons are the canary in the coal mine.

Web Cam – Wolf Creek Ski Area

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7 Responses to Colorado Skiing Devastation Continues

  1. OK – where’s the canary, or is this some kind of “Where’s Wally?” competition? Can you actually see a canary in a coal mine? We used to have a weekly “spot the ball” competition in one of our UK Sunday tabloids many years ago. The image of the ball was cunningly removed (pre-Photoshop) from an action pic taken during a football match, and competitors marked a cross where they thought the centre of the ball was in the original image. Perhaps this could be resurrected as a competition to “spot the increase” on global temperature charts?

    BTW – what’s all the white stuff in the pic?

  2. Andy DC says:

    That thing of the past has hit early in a lot of places this fall.

  3. Steve you fail to point out that anthropogenic snow (due to its soft powdery nature) is much faster to ski on, which can lead to an increase in accidents and deaths attributable to global warming.

  4. suyts says:

    I wrote about the predictability of this meme. Climate change causes more or less snow according to the lunatics, but, even that they manage to get wrong. There is no trending in total NH snow extent.

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