Doomed Arctic Ice Freezing Right On Schedule

In fact, most of the arctic looks to be on schedule with exception of open water around Victoria Island in the west arctic and a late freeze for Baffin Bay in the east. Polar bears have been reported on land near the communities of Ulukhaktok and Clyde River. Still, the ice should lock in with a couple weeks and the bears will leave.

Polar Bear Blog – Hudson Bay Ice | Polar Bear Alley – Guide to the Polar Bears of Churchill


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12 Responses to Doomed Arctic Ice Freezing Right On Schedule

  1. Andy OZ says:

    Canadians don’t pull any punchs on the polar bear front. They locked 14 bears up in jail according to the story. I wonder if it’s because they’d been caught out swapping gmail messages with penguins?

  2. Andy says:

    And what about the Russian side? I guess that doesn’t exist at the moment right because ice extent is low there for this time of year ….

    More cherry picking. πŸ™‚

  3. The polar bear blog is absolutely not a scientific source and never will be. However, I am in Churchill and, after 14 bear season, I am saying with confidence that enough ice is here for the bears to leave. I say this because there are no bears left here…!!! We watched them walk en mass out to the ice through the day of November 13th… not sure if that is statistically significant or not.

    I also say its a relatively normal ice season in the arctic because the people I know in Iqaluit, Arviat, Pond, etc, say it is. I am not there but they are so I trust their opinion. My friends in Ulukhaktok say that the ice is late there because the wind patterns have changed and there are bears wandering around town.

    I use Cryosphere as a source as well, I am a research paper geek (back when polar bear papers actually used to be made public instead of kept secret…) and, I can guarantee you, that I have lived a life with far, far less carbon impact than anyone commenting on this page. Yet, somehow I can still be an environmentalist without sticking my head in the sand.

    I miss the days when environmentalism involved a debate about sustainability, wildlife habitat and reducing our energy/everything consumption. I like David Suzuki and I like Tim Ball, both of these guys are smart guys. Rant complete.


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