Enlightened Thinking From Al Gore

Al Gore believes that sacrifice from others is needed to control the climate. The Mayans believed the same thing.

The Mayan society is looked at with awe, wonder, and distaste, . . . because of the public practice of human sacrifice. That is, individuals within the society had their lives dramatically shortened in order that the gods, in particular, the rain god, Chac, would look upon the society with favor. As opposed to the myth, the victims of these acts were not solely young virgins. Animals, such as dogs, turkeys, and chickens were suitable offerings. Of the captives taken in battle, the slaves merely acquired new masters. The only captives suitable for sacrifice were high ranking prisoners. When the contents of the bottom of the Sacred Cenote at Chichén Itzá were analyzed, many fine objects of gold and jade were found, as well as skeletons of animals and of both men and women. Many showed that they had received severe head injuries before being thrown in the well. But it should be noted that the times when human sacrifice was common were times of stress upon the society, times of drought or severe pressure from outside.

Human Sacrifice


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3 Responses to Enlightened Thinking From Al Gore

  1. ralph says:

    What’s Gore sacrificed? A mansion or 2? Maybe he used teleconferencing a few times instead of flying? Took a taxi instead of a limo? Probably none of the above.

  2. tckev says:

    More mindless blather from naught but a self aggrandizing bladder of lard.
    Nice to know Gore knows so much about the Mayan civilization and their difficulties, would be better if he understood this civilization and our difficulties.

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