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Guardian Ponders Using Penguins As Polar Bear Food

Should we send penguins to the Arctic as food for the polar bears? | From the Guardian | The Guardian

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Can Julia And Barack Restore The Weather?


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Overheated Atmosphere Caused Sandy

14dTDeptNRCC.png (688×531)

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Obama To Control The Weather For The Next Four Years

He also says that Sandy gave him an excuse not to talk about carbon taxes during the campaign. Obama vows to take personal charge of climate change in second term | Environment | guardian.co.uk

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Liverpool Doomed

Roberto Mancini is planning to launch an audacious January transfer bid for Liverpool striker Luis Suárez. Manchester City prepare January bid for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez – Telegraph

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Obama Says That Election Proves People Want Higher Taxes

Obama was re-elected by urban dwellers on welfare who don’t pay taxes, and he tells us that they gave him a mandate to raise taxes.

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Will Obama Pay Your Gas And Mortgage Again?

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Nobel Prize Winner : Arctic Ice Gone Next Year

Nobel Prize winning Internet inventor Al Gore says that the Arctic will be ice free next summer, and it is too late to “do anything about it.” Arctic Ocean ice could melt by 2013 AM – Thursday, 13 December , … Continue reading

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Look For 5000 mm Of Sea Level Rise This Century

Hansen still argues 5m 21st C sea level rise possible  Tide gauges show that sea level has been rising an average of about 0.7 mm per year and the rate has been declining, but NASA’s top expert tells us that the average … Continue reading

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Who Could Doubt That Nixon Would Make A Fair Investigation Of Watergate?

Raising concern that the administration’s internal review of the terrorist attack in Benghazi would fall short, Republican senators call for a ‘select committee’ to investigate the deadly strike. Fox News – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos … Continue reading

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