AP Wipes Israel Off The Map

Friday morning, The Associated Press blasted this tweet for a story on Gaza-Israel conflict: “Air raid sirens wail in Jerusalem, signaling a possible rocket attack aimed at Israel’s capital:”

Just over a half hour later, the AP issued a “correction” tweet: “Air raid sirens in Jerusalem signal a possible rocket attack aimed at Israel’s self-declared capital:

The AP’s Jerusalem ‘correction’ – POLITICO.com


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6 Responses to AP Wipes Israel Off The Map

  1. omnologos says:

    When DC became Capital did they ask anybody for permission?

  2. Wyguy says:

    I wondered what had happened to the AP when I first saw that they had said Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. I thought maybe they had been hammered by G-d into believers, but alas it was just a momentary hicup of truth. Now they can go back to being Pravda.

  3. johnmcguire says:

    It really doesn’t matter what the lamestream scum say about Israel . God governs what happens to Israel and nothing will happen to her without God allowing it . Tiny little Israel , surrounded by rich Arab nations , has kicked their ass so many times . I’m not saying the actions of Israel are propper in all the things they do . After all , they still reject Jesus Christ as the messiah , and they will suffer greatly before God is done straightening them out . We in America , make the mistake of blameing the nation of Israel for the actions of evil Jews in this nation . Do I hate the Jewish people in America ? No , some are fine people . But some of them use God’s blessing that he gave them for evil in order to financialy rape us . Who are the ultimate powers in the financial world ? Do a little research and follow the money . And I predict the AP will be wiped off the map , but Israel never will be .

  4. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Think about that. Taking the time to edit and enter the bias you momentarily forgot.

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