Frightened Ehrlich Has Lived Far Past His Wildest Expectations

28 July 1971

“I’m scared,” the lean, intense scientist (Paul Ehrlich) told an interviewer. “I have a teenage daughter whom I love very much. I know a lot of young people, and their world is being destroyed – my world is being destroyed. I’m 37, and I’d like to live to be 67 in a reasonably pleasant world, not die in some kind of holocaust in the next decade.”


Ehrlich has lived to be almost 80 in a very pleasant world. Delusional fear has ruined his life and he is now a bitter old man. Perhaps he will do better in his next life.


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9 Responses to Frightened Ehrlich Has Lived Far Past His Wildest Expectations

  1. tckev says:

    Some people believe in reincarnation, I wonder is that why there is so many ants, cockroaches, and rats these days?

  2. Sundance says:

    The people that put their faith in Paul Ehrlich and bought into his utter nonsense are cultists. There is little difference between Ehrlich cultists and the cultists that followed Jim Jones (except for a PHD and tenure). When we enable idiots like this, that seek to create mass hysteria, we take a step towards de-evolution. Unfortunately the Ehrlich cultists are drawn to de-evolution like moths to a flame.

  3. Stephen Schneider was another climate scientist recently deceased that spent his entire career warning the world about its imminent planetary doom, first with global cooling then switching to global warming, but at the end of his life the planet was doing very well. He may have died a bitter man.

  4. Larry Fields says:

    Ehrlich’s little Scare-of-the-Month Club book, The Population Bomb, was obsolete well before it hit the presses in 1968. Hey Paul, can you say Demographic Transition?

  5. Josualdo says:

    His next life will be as plankton.

  6. gator69 says:

    Scared and stupid, not a great way to go through life.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Paul Ehrlich and Harold Camping are the same.

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