USHCN’s Latest Stunt

The gubermint has declared 2012 to be the hottest year ever in the US, two months ahead of time and in direct contradiction to their own data – which show 1921 and 1934 as being warmer.

I went to the USHCN web site today to see how much they jacked October temperatures up, and discovered that they are not publishing any monthly temperatures after May, 2008. All of their published November 19, 2012  data is truncated to unknown values after May 2008. It is inconceivable that this could happen accidentally. This is a typical 2008 data line

01108432008   477    530    583    650    716  -9999  -9999  -9999  -9999  -9999  -9999  -9999  -9999

USHCN2 Monthly

As far as I can tell, they made the decision that 2012 would be the hottest year ever – back in March.

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4 Responses to USHCN’s Latest Stunt

  1. ducdorleans says:

    not that we don’t have to publish the real temperatures, or sea levels – and you’re doing a great job there – but let them dig their own grave …

    pretty soon, the official temperature will be sunglasses and bathing suits, while in the real world, it is frost and snow …

    their worst nightmare, certainly since Copenhagen where they thought they would have wrapped things up, is that temperature rise, since the end of the LIA, is so slow, hardly noticeable … therefore, if there is no disaster, heat wave, extraterrestrial storm, they cannot catch the public opinion … therefore they have to exagerate their numbers …

    in the beginning, nobody notices the tinkering …

    but in the end ..

  2. donald penman says:

    Some good news though is that the Antarctic Sea Ice Anomaly is rising, it must be all that warm water that the melting sea ice is exposing or perhaps not.

  3. Bob Koss says:

    It seems they have a new version 2.5 available. I’m not into unpacking the data, but you might want to take a look.

    Maybe they cropped the V2 data back to 2008 because they don’t want you to compare the last few years with the new version.

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