All US Warming Is Due To Adjustments

The claimed warming trend in the US almost exactly matches the adjustments being made to the thermometer data.

The blue dots and red line show final USHCN2.5 temperatures (relative to 1895) – and the red dots and blue line show the adjustments that are being made. Note that the slopes are identical, which means that all claimed US warming is indeed Mann made, and Hansen made, and Karl made.


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4 Responses to All US Warming Is Due To Adjustments

  1. Andy DC says:

    Somehow, some way, we have to inform the public that the entire global warming scam is not at all related to actual data and that the whole game is rigged.

    • NikFromNYC says:

      Single site thermometer and tide gauge records, even with adjustments on official data sites fail to show any enhanced warming trend in the modern era. That this is blunt refutation of team claims is something kids can competently explain to their parents and teachers.

      In a mere three years since Climategate, the most popular news station and suddenly every high traffic conservative blog and every right leaning author have began pounding on Gore as the laughing stock of our entire era. We just need to endure a nation’s white guilt a few more years. Unlike the Great Depression we have networked computers and fraking, with an American nano/bio-tech boom being very well funded.

  2. Even more damning, the adjustments were made (retroactively, of course) solely according to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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