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Dirty Weather In China

29 Aug 1885 – Terrible Flood in China. http://news.google.com/newspapers 30 Sep 1942 – Flood Kills 3000 in China 08 Jul 1947 – MANY DROWN IN CHINA FLOOD 06 Apr 1950 – FLOOD DISASTERS IN CHINA

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More Sea Level Stupidity From New Jersey

Off the Jersey coast, the rise has been about 0.18 inches annually in the last 20 years, which is faster than the global pace, roughly 0.12 inches, according to Steve Gill, at the National Ocean Service. A small part of … Continue reading

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Hansen 2007 : Sea Level Rise 50 mm/Year

In an interview on Australian ABC Television program, The 7.30 Report, James Hansen, a prominent NASA climatologist, predicted the liklihood that the earth will pass a tipping point resulting in Sea Level Rise of up to a metre every 20 … Continue reading

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I’m A Proud Survivor

I survived last winter in Maryland, which NOAA described as being extreme – due to the unusual number of mild sunny days.

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