Making Benghazi Disappear

The White House malfeasance and cover up has magically disappeared since the election, through a series of well planned crises.

Israel had hundreds of missiles launched at them this year, and repeatedly went to the UN asking for the UN to demand a cease fire. The UN of course ignored the Israeli requests until Israel started defending herself and began kicking Hamas ass.  Fearful that Israel might end the conflict permanently, the UN and Obama rushed in and demanded a cease fire.

The UN has kept Palestinians in refugee camps for 70 years, in order to foment hatred against Israel and keep the conflict alive. Half a million Jews fled Arab countries during the 1948 war, and settled as citizens in Israel. Why haven’t Arab countries done the same for the Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon? Why are they still in refugee camps? The idea of being a war refugee for three generations and 70 years is unprecedented and is beyond ludicrous.

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5 Responses to Making Benghazi Disappear

  1. miked1947 says:

    Just like CAGW, this had been a publicity stunt. If kept alive the problems will always be available to divert attention from real world problems.

  2. johnmcguire says:

    Steven , even when confronted with the truth the lefties still think that the solution is for the upper middle class and the millionaires to pay more taxes . The leadership of the lefties know that the taxes will be raised for the middle class regular people too , but they don’t shout about that as loudly . I think the administration has reached a point now where they don’t really care what the constitution says or conservative people think and they will openly pursue their communist fascist goals with the willing help of the socialists who control the mainstream information media . Benghazi just shows they are willing to sacrifice their own in order to do what they want . After all the ambassador was supposedly a homosexual and obama didn’t really like him so no great loss as far as they were concerned .

    • Yes, this is a characteristic of the Insane Left, as I call them: “Survival of the Fittest” (Darwin’s true, and evil, legacy), “Every man for himself”, and “Dog eat dog” — You see, the evil of our time (since Darwin) has been the idea, the unquestioned dogma, that man is an animal, a physical creature only. Obama had to jettison any loyalty to anyone or to any idea, including his determined attempt to make the Benghazi attack appear due to an anti-Mohammed video, in order to save himself. But, just as the climate hoax could not succeed without the general incompetence of scientists today, so Obama stays in office (and the media are listened to as caretakers of the truth) because of the general incompetence of the electorate (due to divided beliefs, from different inherited cultures, classes, and “race”). And that is what future historians will think about us.

  3. You forgot to mention: the Israeli government made Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Jaabari disappear, with the signed cease-fire agreement in his hand.

    Why blame the Palestinians? They didn’t lynch Muammar Gaddafi. They didn’t burn the U.S. embassy or kill our ambassadors. President Obama did it, with help from the British-Saudi terror alliance, a.k.a. Londonistan!

    Impeach Obama!

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