World’s Top Climate Scientist Making Academia Almost Uninhabitable

NASA’s Top Climate Scientist: U.S. South Could Become Uninhabitable

Well, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to see this statement from NASA’s James Hansen, perhaps the top climate scientist in the world.

Here’s the statement I’m referring to:“Climate change — human-made global warming — is happening. It is already having noticeable impacts…. If we stay on with business as usual, the southern U.S. will become almost uninhabitable.”

NASA’s Top Climate Scientist: U.S. South Could Become Uninhabitable | PlanetSave

Temperatures in the south peaked in 1921, and have declined more than one degree over the last century.

Data from

Academia has become uninhabitable because of the stench of Hansen’s BS.

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7 Responses to World’s Top Climate Scientist Making Academia Almost Uninhabitable

  1. gator69 says:

    In a sane society, Hansen would be in a cell by now, padded or not.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    And yet, the media will pick this up and spread it far and wide. The frightened sheeples will beg to be saved. Hansen: you da man!

  3. DrFurst Dunaharm says:

    It’s a simple protocol….

    1) Create a non-existent crisis. 2) Suggest an action plan, 3) when the crisis never happens – lavish praise upon your plan for having averted disaster, and 4) collect your Nobel.

    The drug companies do it all the time. Apparently, NASA wants a cut of that action as well.

  4. sabretoothed says:

    Why you must be TAX for the clever government Why you must pay tax, so the clever government can do its thing

  5. Hugh K says:


    Public Service Message —

    The distinguished and honored Columbia University/NASA scholar, adjunct Professor James Hansen is absolutely correct and must be believed if you value all that is decent and good in the world.

    Attention all blue state dwellers!!! Professor Hansen is correct. The south is uninhabitable. Stop moving to the south immediately. Rising sea levels caused by rising man-made global warming are the most devastating to the sustainablility of human life on the whole planet down here in the south.

    I repeat, Professor Hansen is correct!!! Blue-state dwellers please listen to this well-respected, top NASA scientist if you value your lives. For your own well-being, you blue-state dwellers cannot continue to relocate to the south because of life-threatening global warming!!!

    All alarmists presently living in the south should also pay close attention to Professor Hansen’s very sound advice and get out of the south now. Or even if you are simply just another pop-culture devotee looking for that next government handout, please accept Professor Hansen’s *free* advice. Get out of your paren’ts basement immediately and move back to your former blue state as soon as possible. Contact your former blue-state welfare office via your free government phone and they will assist you with all of your relocation needs. Based on this unsustainable climate crisis, all federal agencies will no doubt be shutting down their southern offices in the immediate future and relocating all employees back north to save them from drowning and/or roasting alive from unprecedented southern temperatures Professor Hansen is alerting you to. I repeat, you will receive no more government handouts in the south due to global warming.

    Yes, all you have to do is make it as far as DC and you will not only get everything you ask for….you and your families will be saved from southern global warming. Do not worry. southerners, more acclimated to deal with this unprecedented global warming heat will remain behind to fight this human-caused climate tragedy while gladly assisting you with your packing needs. Those with southern roots will make this sacrifice of staying behind in the red states to contain the damage while you continue to spread the alarming news to the world about global warming from the secure confines of your government provided apartments. I repeat, do not worry, southerners will remain on the front lines monitoring sea level rise while developing/studying hot southern models on beaches throughout the south…all to prevent this disaster from spreading north.

    But for the love of Gaia blue-staters, please, please listen to the sage advice of Professor Hansen and save the planet by leaving the south immediately or not considering relocating here anytime in the future until all carbon emmisions have ended permanently. We will inform you when it is safe to return. Thank you for your generous contribution to this serious problem.

  6. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    Homer speaks

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