Engineers, Scientists And Politicians

When scientists fail spectacularly, they get tenure, wide acclaim, a possible Nobel Prize, and perhaps even a well paid position at the White House.

When engineers fail, we get this :


When politicians ignore engineers, we get this :


NASA is now run by politicians and scientists.

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5 Responses to Engineers, Scientists And Politicians

  1. gator69 says:

    “NASA is now run by politicians and scientists.”

    How does one tell the difference these days?

  2. savebyj says:

    That’s easy. Politicians lie and then take your money, Scientists lie and then take….. oh wait, there isn’t much difference. Sorry.

  3. Edward. says:

    Scientists learnt that by being all political, that the public money gravy train was never ending. All you had to do was………….. via use of statistics, rig the temperature record and promulgate and prove the existence of a fiction – thanks to educational dumbing down – it’s like…………. it is as easy as stealing candy from babies.

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