Was Mann’s Hockey Stick Fraudulent?

That is a easy call for anyone with an IQ over 10.

Mann plotted a thousand years of proxy data as reliable, and then threw out the post-1960 proxy data – because they didn’t show the warming he was out to prove.

The proxies showed exactly what thermometers did at the time – before Hansen altered the thermometer data.

As alarmist hero Richard Muller said – “we don’t do that in science”


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10 Responses to Was Mann’s Hockey Stick Fraudulent?

  1. Stephen Richards says:

    Steven, as usual you exagerate. An IQ over the average of the US senate would be required ( 0 )

  2. gator69 says:

    Sadly, fraud seems to be in the eye of the beholder these days.

    • Brad Anderson says:

      Sadly you’re right– even though Michael Mann himself called it a “trick.”
      But I think the public wants to be tricked… they allow it so often.

  3. Steve, that’s not why the Hockey Stick was determined to be junk science. (One shouldn’t confuse incompetence with fraud anyway.) What you are referring to is why certain IPCC lead authors mislead the public by truncating and altering data on their graphs.

    The reason why Mann’s mathematical techniques were junk science, was because they were exercises in data mining. You could use his techniques to produce hockey sticks out of any sort of red noise data. His mathematical techniques locked onto any sort of late 20th century warming signal in a few proxies and amplified them out of all proportion to their merits and to the detriment of all other proxies.

    Most published science turns out to be junk science. That is not news. (Very few papers actually advance the topic of research.) What was more interesting was the refusal of Mann’s believers to accept any form of evidence, even after it became overwhelming. In their minds the Hockey Stick will never be ‘debunked’. They still go around mouthing the talking point that the debunking of their stick was a ‘myth’ in much the same way their entire belief system is mythical.

    • That is another part of the hockey stick which is also junk science.

    • Brad Anderson says:

      Including Obama, who says that “some deniers refuse to accept the determination of science” for anyone who doesn’t want their energy-bills going through the roof based on voodoo-science scams and Henny-Penny hysteria.

  4. Andy OZ says:

    When it involves literally trillions in carbon taxes and carbon credits, that is a massive incentive to lie, cheat, kill and commit any sort of fraud or crime, and it’s happening everywhere. The sheeple are busy watching the sports channel, facebooking and they want to be lied to anyway. On one level I’m disgusted by the fraud, on another I’m thinking the sheeple will only learn the hard way.
    Once the opinion of scientists turn against the likes of Mann, Hansen and co, their professional days are numbered. Just like Enron, Worldcom, Bernie Madoff and all the frauds before them, they will eventually get found out.

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