How To Be A Good Government Employee

Simply make up “facts” that support the politburo agenda, like 2012 being the hottest year ever or that the climate is in unknown territory. Then plop an official US government stamp on your intellectual and moral panty waste.

The startling report actually exposes the national security dangers of global warming. Climate change is accelerating at such a fast pace that it will put severe strains on U.S. military and intelligence agencies in the coming years, the CIA-sanctioned study found. The changes will trigger increasingly disruptive developments around the world as well.

Scientific evidence indicates that the global climate is moving outside the bounds of past experience and can be expected to put new stresses on societies around the world, prompting examination of a variety of plausible scenarios through which climate change might pose or alter security risks for the United States,” according to a summary from the report. It goes on to offer an improved understanding of the links between climate and security as well as the ability to anticipate potential security risks arising from “climate phenomena.”

CIA Quietly Closes Global Warming Unit | The Moral Liberal

The CIA said the same crap in 1974, only it was about global cooling.The important rule for government employees is to always check with the current administration as to what the official lie is this week.

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6 Responses to How To Be A Good Government Employee

  1. Sundance says:

    Al Gore the ultimate government employee/crony, reminds us to seek climate knowledge from those that know even less than he does and who have a clear conflict of interest.

  2. Sundance says:

    A good government employee is a Democrat who takes the idea of “profiling”, which the Republicans have promoted forever as a way to prevent crime even while Democrats have called them racists and opposed its use, and repackages it as “focused deterrence” and then launches a campaign of “focused deterrence” as a brilliant new Democrat program that deserves to be federally funded by other democrats.

  3. Having been one of those who had to ‘advice’ civil servants, I have many times suffered having my information twisted, corrupted and even rejected, because it didn’t say what they or the relevant Minister wanted to hear. Pitchforks, barricades and hemp neckties are now probably the only answer …

  4. gregole says:

    That 1974 CIA report you linked to is a real hoot. If you check out the references the book “Famine – 1975” is cited. Here is an excellent discussion of the book:

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