Marc Morano Sets The Sandy/Doha Record Straight


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4 Responses to Marc Morano Sets The Sandy/Doha Record Straight

  1. NikFromNYC says:


  2. RobertvdL says:

    more Marc Morano

    UN Climate Conference: A Trojan Horse for Centralized Power

  3. John F. Borowski says:
    Record low Arctic melt. How do explain that away. By the way: Morano looked like a bully on CNN talking (or should I say yelling at Bill Nye).

    Key findings in the article inclue:

    The Arctic reached a record low snow extent in June
    Then, record low sea ice extent occurred in September. When this sea ice grows back it grows back thinner and melts easier the following year.
    Growing season length is increasing along with tundra greenness and above-ground biomass.
    Below the tundra, record high permafrost temperatures occurred in 18 of 20 sensors in northernmost Alaska. The two that didn’t reach records were the same as last year, when they did set records.
    The Greenland ice sheet is melting for longer periods of time every year, and a rare, nearly ice sheet-wide melt event occurred in July.
    Massive phytoplankton blooms below summer sea ice suggest previous estimates of ocean primary productivity might be ten times too low.
    Arctic fox is close to extinction in and vulnerable to further changes in the lemming cycle and the encroaching Red fox.
    Severe weather events included extreme cold and snowfall in Eurasia, and two major storms with deep central pressure and strong winds offshore of western and northern Alaska.

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