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1947 Shock News : Arctic Warmed Ten Degrees In 50 Years – Massive Sea Level Rise Coming – International Agency Needed To Prevent Catastrophe


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It Is A Good Thing That The 1,000+ Coal Plants Being Built In Other Countries Don’t Impact CO2 Levels

If the huge number of coal plants being built in other countries had any impact on CO2 levels, it would be impossible for Obama to control the climate thermostat. Fortunately, only evil American CO2 affects the climate. More than 1,000 new … Continue reading

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If You Curse It, WordPress Moderation Will Come

Check out this collection of gems from leading warmist intellect, David Appell.

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Guardian Tells Us That They Know Nothing About History

Front page news at The Guardian! Latest US news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian | guardiannews.com | The Guardian This event has repeated it itself every few decades. One might expect that newspaper publishers would know a … Continue reading

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Understanding The Antarctic

Experts tell us that Antarctic sea ice is expanding because of cold winds caused by the man-made ozone hole. Experts also tell us that Antarctica is warming and melting because of man-made global warming, and that Penguins are threatened by … Continue reading

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McKitten Says That US History Began In 1980

Twitter / billmckibben: 2nd most disastrous year in … The article he is referring to says something different 2012 May Rank As 2nd Most Disastrous Year Since 1980 2012 May Rank As 2nd Most Disastrous Year Since 1980 | Climate … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Thinks That US Politicians Should Control The Weather

Just in case you thought the peasants in Monty Python And The Holy Grail were stupid, you can see that they are no match for 21st century America. U.N. Global Warming Summit: Heading Over the Climate Cliff politicians in the U.S. especially … Continue reading

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