Time Magazine Thinks That US Politicians Should Control The Weather

Just in case you thought the peasants in Monty Python And The Holy Grail were stupid, you can see that they are no match for 21st century America.

U.N. Global Warming Summit: Heading Over the Climate Cliff

politicians in the U.S. especially seem helpless to do anything about climate change

U.N. Global Warming Summit: Heading Over the Climate Cliff | TIME.com

The author is wrong though. In 1975, Newsweek lamented that politicians probably wouldn’t be willing to melt the “Arctic ice cap” in order to stop climate change. Yet according to recent issues of Time Magazine, their efforts to melt the Arctic have been quite successful.


Brian Walsh should really do more research before writing his articles. Jimmy Carter stopped the 1970’s global cooling problem, and George Bush already stopped the global warming problem.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs


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6 Responses to Time Magazine Thinks That US Politicians Should Control The Weather

  1. To be fair, they were right about not being willing to melt the arctic and about being helpless to change the climate. Of course, broken clocks don’t take 37 years to be right twice.

  2. gator69 says:

    “Climate Experts”, the “Ninety-Seven Percenters”…

  3. Mike Odin says:

    Looking at this US Navy ice animation
    there appears to be an interesting arctic development
    (extraordinary to my limited scientific analysis capabilities)–
    In the arctic ocean, north of the 80 degree arctic circle,
    running along the northern Greenland and Canadian arctic coasts,
    Suddenly, a vast break has appeared in the very heavy sea ice
    (the red and black ice) A thin rapidly expanding line appears
    in this animation in this area that has been
    growing steadily to red and black since october
    (as it always does in the winter).
    (Temperature are minus 25C to minus 35C in that area right now)

    I have followed this animated graph for several years(since I first saw it posted on this site)—
    This has never happened before—and this area of sea ice —in the space of 2 days has
    Suddenly gone from expanding steadily and being thicker than normal to
    become less ice thickness than it ever has in at least the past 2 years,
    including now suddenly having much less thick sea ice than this past summer—
    while at the same time, the remainder of the arctic sea ice
    has continued expanding at the normal rate.
    I can only conclude that an extraordinary monumental
    data computer fudge has been initiated in anticipation of the
    announcement of claiming arctic sea ice loss–
    Or else this vast mass of ice is about to break free and
    descend upon on the north atlantic and totally freeze
    europe and disrupt European weather.

    Watch that line expand.


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